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Brainstorm - Soul Temptation

=Staff's pick

Highs Without Lows
Doorway To Survive*
The Leading
Nunca Nos Rendimos*
The Trinity Of Lust:
-Shiva's Tears*
-Soul Temptation
Dying Outside*
To The Head*

Genre Heavy Metal
Andy B. Franck
Tracks 11
Milan Loncaric
Runningtime 52 Min.
Torsten Ihlenfeld
Label Metal Blade
Andreas Mailänder
Release 30 June 2003
Dieter Bernert
Country Germany
Michael Rodenberger
Similar artists Symphorce, Cydonia

Germany's Brainstorm are back with a new effort, and this time you fans of their previous work might want to listen one extra time in the store before buying. They have for every album drifted slightly more away from the style they had on their debut - rather straightforward and catchy metal with sometimes very strong melodies - and what they have accomplished this time is the thrasiest and least melodic so far.

The album starts in a way that made me take a defensive position the first time I heard it, as it is a bit slow and mediocre with not much of melody in it, but the following songs immediatly increases in tempo and melody. Still it overall contains a little bit too much of the chopping, "chugga chugga" riffs, and too little melodies to suit my true metalneeds, but it is all well done and they still have one foot steady on the metalground.

Nevertheless it tend to be a little bit boring, and these type of monotone riffs that we mostly get to hear here seem to be popular nowdays, but to me it feels like they just melt together to a wall of sound after a while. The album manages to keep it's nose above average due to songs of the likes of Doorway To Survive, Nunca Nos Rendimos and To The Head that have the speed andamount of melodic guitarriffs that is needed to make it listenable and enjoyable. In certain parts there it is really good, but it's way too long between the moments.

The production is very good with a clear, very heavy and distinct sound, but the vocals is not of the highest quality if you ask me. Vocalist Franck has never been one of my favourites, and now it sounds more than ever like he is tense and uptight, and is trying way too hard to accomplish more powerful and rougher vocals than he can, and than is needed. Fans of Cydonias or Symphorce's latest albums should appreciate this, and most of the people that think that the constantly growing scene of happy, flamboyant and majestic epic power metal is a bit too much nowadays. This is a bit rough and dirty metal, progresssive and with a hint of thrashy elements in it.

Not really an inspiring album, to sum it up. It doesn't really invite to multiple listeningsession in the future - I feel pretty satisfied with hearing this only once. Every once in a while it cracks up in a brilliant riff or lead, but it always end up up in a pretty non-saying mixture that just goes on without leaving much marks.

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5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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