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Brainstorm - On The Spur Of The Moment

Published September 26 2011

=Staff's pick

Below The Line*
In The Blink Of An Eye
Temple Of Stone
In These Walls
Still Insane
Dark Life
No Saint - No Sinner*
Where Your Actions Lead You To Live*
A Life On Hold
My Own Hell

Genre Heavy/Power Metal
Andy B. Franck
Tracks 10
Torsten Ihlenfeld
Running time 46 Min.
Milan Loncaric
Label AFM Records
Antonio Ieva
Release 30 September 2011
Dieter Bernert
Country Germany
Producer Axel Heckert
Similar artists Symphorce, Primal Fear

This band have been around for about one and a half decade now and they probably know deep inside that they'll never be a huge band selling tons of records. Now with their ninth full length studio album, they must be seen as veterans on the scene, but they have never got that breakthrough. Despite these facts, they have stayed true to their music and to their fans throughout the years, without any major changes.

On The Spur Of A Moment follows the same path as well and their mix of heavy and power metal with a dark touch is just as good as it usually is. A bit tougher than its predecessor, Memorial Roots, but all the elements are there. Brainstorm should not be mixed up with all the power metal bands with constant high pitched vocals and light productions that rose from nothing to a boom some ten years ago. Instead they focus more on heavy riffs and heavier drums, as well as grievous dark lyrics and a production more suitable for a metal band.

Due to this album's lack of diversity, it's not necessary to go through song by song, as most of the songs sounds like I described above. This is however nothing that makes this record bad in any way and of course there are some songs that don't follow the written path. If you're looking for songs that will get radio time, you'll have to look somewhere else though, as this is nothing but a straight forward metal album during its 46 minutes of playing time.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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