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Brainstorm - Firesoul

Published March 31 2014

=Staff's pick

Erased By The Dark
Descendants Of The Fire*
Entering Solitude*
Recall The Real
Feed Me Lies
What Grows Inside
The Chosen*
…And I Wonder

Genre Heavy/Power Metal
Andy B. Franck
Tracks 10
Torsten Ihlenfeld
Running time 48 Min.
Milan Loncaric
Label AFM Records
Antonio Ieva
Release 04 April 2014
Dieter Bernert
Country Germany
Producer Achim Köhler
Similar artists ---

Long-time running metal unit Brainstorm returns with its tenth album, two and a half years past the latest release, On The Spur Of The Moment. The band has constantly maintained on a high level with each release the way I see it, but has yet never launched a blasting rocket to draw the bigger masses' attention. I bet you find this situation familiar yourselves, where you dig a band and you can't see why others don't have the same interest for its efforts. The band's label promote this strictly as power metal, but personally I refuse to let this land under that term alone. To me, this is mainly energetic heavy metal with elements or fractions of power metal and that really is a different aspect in terms of type of music.

The Germans hardly present any surprising or groundbreaking material on Firesoul. They pretty much follow the path they positioned in the late nineties. It's heavy, dark and holds a powerful atmosphere. Forty-eight minutes of metal, comprising nine vigorous songs and one slightly more mellow song, which still contains heaviness though, is what we're offered with this release. It's definitely not diverse if you look at the entire record, but each song holds some variation, although the major share of them stick to a fairly fast tempo as they ignite these physical impacts.

Heavy, classic and fast riffs as well as rolling drums dominate the sound picture. Franck's characteristic voice is as usual functioning as both lead and backing vocals, including the parts where he's echoing his own words in a different tune. They have an ability to put together catchy things weaved into an accurate, decisive and massive approach. The material's evenness has often been one of Brainstorm's overall outstanding points and Firesoul is no exception. The band rarely releases bad songs, which in some cases turns out as a disadvantage, as the absolute best songs don't particularly stand out from the majority.

It's straight forward without apparent detours and if you're familiar with this unit's past work, you most likely know what to expect and you are also pretty much able to calculate the outcome of this effort. They are far from being innovative with this release and they remain within their proven frames, which isn't at all unexpected and personally I don't mind them staying within this position. It's an awesome metal experience with great melodies in a powerful appearance.

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