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Brainstorm - Metus Mortis

=Staff's pick

Metus Mortis (intro)
Blind Suffering*
Checkmate in Red*
Hollow Hideaway*
Weakness Sows its Seed*
Into the Never
Under Lights
Meet me in the Dark
Face Down (Bonustrack)
Strength of Will

Genre Power Metal
Andy B. Franck
Tracks 13
Torsten Ihlenfeld
Runningtime 61 Min.
Milan Loncaric
Label Metal Blade
Andreas Mailänder
Release 05 Nov. 2001
Dieter Bernert
Country Germany
Similar artists ---

German Brainstorm is back with a new killer album that continues the band's earlier tradition of back to basics metal. With their heavy bombastic guitar sound, bombarding drums and awesome singing these guys have proven themselves to the fans that they have come to stay in the upper class of the genre. Metus Mortis is just one pleasant metal journey from beginning to the end.

And as usual with a German band the production is almost totally impeccable. The sound is very powerful and that goes for all the instruments. Crushing guitars and a tremendous bass and drum background sound. Andy B. Franck's singing is awesome and sounds as metal as ever. The tracks on my headbangin' list are Blind Suffering, Shadowland, Hollow Hideaway, Checkmate in Red and my absolute favourite Weakness Sows its Seed. As you can see these are the five first tracks on the album but don't get me wrong here. Almost every track is great and the album goes on with further great tracks.

I was hoping for a somewhat similar track to the amazing Dog Days Comin' Down on their previous album Unholy on this album too though, but alright, the ones mentioned will have to do. If you like Brainstorm and bombastic back to the root heavy power metal in general, Metus Mortis is definitely something for you. And if you're also great fans of Grave Digger you can kill two birds with one stone and see both them and Brainstorm on tour. That sounds like a totally asskickin' show and someone I would die to see myself.

All in all, Metus Mortis is a great album so don't hesitate to check it out if you, God forbid, haven't so far!

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8 chalices of 10 - Mat

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