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Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol. 2

Published November 19 2013

=Staff's pick

Here To Die
Weight Beneath My Sin*
Wrecking Ball
Battle Born
Cradle To The Grave
Matter Of Time*
The Agony Of Regret
Let This Go*
My Heart Lied
A Day In My Life
House Of The Rising Sun

Genre Heavy Metal
Ivan Moody
Tracks 12
Zoltán Báthory
Running time 40 Min.
Jason Hook
Label Eleven Seven Music/EMI
Chris Kael
Release 18 November 2013
Jeremy Spencer
Country USA
Producer Kevin Churko
Similar artists ---

This release is the second volume out of two off Five Finger Death Punch's 2013 project The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell. A band that after all often play rather crushing heavy metal with thunderous drum plays and massive heavy riffing, but still to this day has to take a lot of shit and criticism for their type of music from a few but vocally strong voices on internet forums. One thing is certain, the bigger goals they achieve, the more negativity they will receive. And that will be massive, because it doesn't take a prodigy to realize that this band's future is bright.

Both volumes were recorded simultaneously and this release will inevitably be compared to Vol. 1 that was released in late July this past summer. It's still captivating forceful heavy metal with a few ballads. When thinking of it, there shouldn't be much difference between these two deals, but the brutal truth tells me that, although this record is good, the top songs aren't really as strong and blasting in general. It lacks those very high and accurate moments that Vol. 1 contributed to, as these songs aren't striking to the point of rapture and aren't total killer.

Vocalist Ivan Moody at large seems angry and aggressive as usual, apart from the ballads where he seems puzzled though. The actual music played is generally a bit softer and smoother than what I had expected. There are actually a fair share of songs that doesn't make your walls quake, although your neighbors would probably prefer that you play something else late at night.

Five Finger Death Punch has again created a strong album and believe nothing less. It will definitely sell rather well in today's standards. I am the first to admit that my skepticism for this approach with a double release within four months now doesn't seem legitimate anymore. But as many other fans of music, when I lay my hands on a new record, I want it to be even better than its predecessor even if that's a tough case to beat here. It's satisfactory nonetheless and if you're a fan, you won't regret buying this product upon release.

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