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Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six

Published September 15 2015

=Staff's pick

Got Your Six*
Jekyll And Hyde
Wash It All Away
Ain't My Last Dance
My Nemesis*
No Sudden Movement
Question Everything
Hell To Pay
Diggin' My Own Grave
Meet My Maker
Boots And Blood*

Genre Heavy Metal
Ivan Moody
Tracks 11
Zoltán Báthory
Running time 38 Min.
Jason Hook
Label Eleven Seven Music
Chris Kael
Release September 04, 2015
Jeremy Spencer
Country USA
Producer Kevin Churko w/ FFDP
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Five Finger Death Punch is a band that many individuals love to hate. I'm fully aware of that size and popularity within music and the actual genuine quality don't always come hand in hand and that radio time, record companies, hard work and luck are important factors to become successful too. But since this unit is on a journey of becoming bigger and bigger for each record released, they are obviously at least doing something right that a lot of people in the metal community like.

The music that they perform is intense, heavy riffing and vibrating to the extreme at many stations, but they also kind of benefit intentionally from a proven trick by intertwining things or songs with a more mellow inside to an outside that seems very mean, combative and aggressive in the appearance. Therefore I believe that the band's music is indeed inviting to fans that don't really care much for how things are made or constructed, but more for a pleasant overall end result to which they are able to find connection to or peace and comfort in.

When it comes to Five Finger Death Punch, I'm without a doubt one of those fans, because I definitely find this type of music engaging and appealing on most parts. It has a strong attractive force to it and it's quite easy to sing along to Ivan Moody's angry performance, which absolutely functions as a major contributor to the final outcome as well.

Got Your Six is quite far from being innovative and without getting into detail too much, I think that most of its contents have kind of been already made on their previous records. It's yet a good effort anyway and therefore I have decided to hand out 7 fine chalices.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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