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Sinner - One Bullet Left

Published September 20 2011

=Staff's pick

The One You Left Behind*
Back On Trail
Give & Take
One Bullet Left
10 2 Death
Atomic Playboys
Suicide Mission
Wake Me When I'm Sober
Mind Over Matter
Mend To Be Broken
Rolling Away

Genre Hard Rock
Mat Sinner
Tracks 12
Alex Beyrodt
Running time 51 Min.
Christof Leim
Label AFM Records
Alex Scholpp
Release 09 September 2011
Mat Sinner
Country Germany
Andre Hilgers
Producer Mat Sinner
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After a three year break, Sinner are back with their new release, One Bullet Left. With this album, Mat Sinner probably wants to create music he enjoys by himself and not the power metal that he creates in Primal Fear, which he is well known for this last decade. This time he returns with three guitarists by his side, to stage a somewhat more full sound.

Heavy Metal meets Thin Lizzy? Yes and no. A couple of tracks are highly influenced by Phil Lynott and his band, but most of them are just plain hard rock or light heavy metal songs. If you're looking for the old Sinner stuff or the traditional heavy metal sound you won't find it here, because this album is just the natural step from the last release, Crash & Burn.

How about the songs? Most of them are pretty good, yet they leave you almost unaffected. I don't feel like playing this album over and over again, even if I can't find one single song that's crap. Some faster songs, a pair of ballads and a bunch of hard rock songs that are perfect for relaxing to. We also get a cover version of Steve Stevens' Atomic Playboys, which in my opinion is a perfect fit for this album.

I think Sinner has more to offer and this album will not go down in history as one of their greatest. I hope he has another bullet to spare for Primal Fear's January 2012 release.

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4 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

This is by far the best Sinner album in over five years. I agree that there are many comparisons to Thin Lizzy, but there are '70s rockin metal aspects all throughout. If you are a fan, this is a must! I would much rather buy this, than new Brainstorm or Machine Head! //Michael the MettleAngel (7,5 of 10)

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