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Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

=Staff's pick

Remember Tomorrow
Running Free*
Phantom of the opera*
Strange world
Charlotte the Harlot*
Iron Maiden*

Genre Heavy Metal
Paul Di´Anno
Tracks 8
Dave Murray
Runningtime 41 Min.
Dennis Stratton
Label EMI
Steve Harris
Release 1980
Clive Burr
Country England
Similar artists ---

This band don't need much of a presentation I guess..Iron Maiden stands out as pionneers in the genre as we call "heavy metal". This is one is the full-length debut and is plain and simple called "Iron Maiden", and it contains the classic line-up that were performing at obscure, underground clubs all around London in the later 70´s. Recorded in 1980 at Kingsway studios, London by Will Malone.

I will be honest direct and say my personal point of wiev, when it comes to Maiden. This is the era of Maiden, that I really like the bands work until today (with a few later exceptions..). I would also like to say that this rewiev are based upon the quality of LP´s and should not be judged as new recordings like we here today! Though there are lots of re-mastered versions of Iron Maidens work, but this one (and the other "nostalgic"reviews of Maiden..) is original LP´s from 1980 - 82. Therefor I haven't taken any notice of "crappy blizztering sounds"...

Ok, we hit of with "Prowler". Extraordinary great guitar riffs with a following bass and the voice of Paul Di´Anno, together with the characteristic solo parts of Dave Murray. This is Iron Maiden in a heartbeat. Don´t now many bands that ever had the same feeling in the songwriting works, its outstanding musician skills. From the groovy "Prowler" to "Remember Tomorrow" a real slow and nice one with half- accoustic parts together with the (in my oppinion) superb voice of Di´anno. The third song must be one of the earliest Maiden classics, namely "Running Free".

I think that everyone who´s into heavy metal knows this song just by listening to the opening part with drums and bass! And how many friday evenings haven´t you relaxed in your soffa with a beer or two.. after a hard weeks work and played "airguitar" to the tunes of "Phantom Of The Opera"? This one must be the second classic track on this album. And the mid-part with guitar solo is just awesome great metal work, done in a very early stage of the "modern" heavy metal history..and the sound its something that I cant put the finger on, but the sound is great and in a way that cant be recorded today, you simply doesn't hear this sound anymore nowadays. Sad but true..Ok time to change side on the LP!

Ah, a instrumental one. "Transylvania". I think that if you listen really careful, it´s like two worlds are meeting. The proggressive groovy guitar and bass parts wich must be remains from the 70´s and the more "attacking" riffs which are more significant for the sound of the 80´s. Number six the slow, and almost like a ballad.."Strange World" not much to say about this one, play it for the girlfriend..After this slow one its time to rock again. "Charlotte The Harlot", avery cool song with booth groovy, fast parts together with a slow and nice verse.

The last one "Iron Maiden" is, if you listen to the lyrics, a statement from the band of whats about to come..And I don't think they knew how right they had when they, Steve Harris & co wrote this song. This was one of the first album that was going to be a big reason for our world to turn into heavy metal, of course there where bands like Judas Priest & Black Sabbath before Maiden, but I think that Iron Maiden was the missing link at this stage in the "hard rock" scene. A great album worth all respect it can.

Don't you have it in your collection? Buy!

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8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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