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Lordi - Deadache

Published November 23 2008

=Staff's pick

Scarctic Circle Gathering IV
Girls Go Chopping*
Bite It Like A Bulldog
Monsters Keep Me Company
Man Skin Boots*
Dr. Sin Is In*
The Ghosts Of The Heceta Head
The Rebirth Of The Countess
Raise Hell In Heaven*
The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile
Missing Miss Charlene
Hate At First Site (Digipak Bonus Track)

Genre Horror Metal
Mr. Lordi
Tracks 13
Runningtime 51 Min.
Label The End Records
Release 29 October 2008
Country Finland
Similar artists Rob Zombie, Kiss, Alice Cooper

I have been spinning genuinely this high grade Deadache CD, daily, for almost a month. At first, I was mildy impressed, but then at the witchin' hour, Lordi sunk their monster itchin' teeth into my anticipatorial nervous system of death. Each day, a different song resonated in my head, and echoed it's haunting, yet heavy intonations. Each loud, eerie inhabitant swelled in my soul, lingering.

I was hoping that Deadache would transcend the superb 'Hard Rock Halleluja' vibe of The Arockalypse, but this was not the case. I was also disheartened when I realized the lack of guest-stars, in tow. These frustrations aside, I still feel Lordi has miscreated another disasterpiece of primal persuasion.

I respect the fact that Mr. Lordi and his cult of persons to slay, know well their audience; especially, after playing last year's Ozzfest. These icons of prominence opted to get heavier, and move into a more modern pathway of possession. They recognize the commercial appeal of their previous outing; but they also wanted to expand their fanbase, which is noble.

This decision still works quite well, and emulates the direction of Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and even Kiss in the '90s. Think of the success of Brutal Planet or Psycho Circus.

Thus, what results is a modified impression of The Monsterician Dream with Gothic and Industrial elements. The melodies are still in tact, and this passion play screams for its own submission. Lordi lead and breed us all into temptation with their tantalizing and mesmerizing performance.

Finland's sons of shockness are still bringing back the balls to rock, while preparing to raise Hell in Heaven. There is not one disappointing song on this CD. Although, I was surprised that the new video was for the rabid 'Bite It Like A Bulldog', rather than the title track, or the slithery 'Man Skin Boots'. Where are the fun bags of bloody cinematic edification like 'Devil Is A Loser', 'Blood Red Sandman', or 'Who's Your Daddy'?

I was also surprised to see that every version, including the digipak, does not include the really awesome single 'Beast Loose In Paradise'. 'Hate At First Site' is clever and caustic, masticating the meat of marital bliss; but, it is definitely not on par, or even blade with 'Would You Love A Monsterman'.

The beauty and the beast motif is rife all throughout this throbbing Deadache. Sympathize with The Phantom Of The Opera's heartstring pangs on The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile'. Even the AOR arcane 'Missing Miss Charlene' tilts on with a Mary Shelley - fish out of water - wit. The gruelling 'Evilyn' (not the temptress of Skelator or foe of He-Man), also resounds that sick, evil lovespell.

One of the best songs overall is 'Girls Go Chopping' which mauls and calls in the coroner, stone cold. If Nancy Sinatra could strut and stride in 'Man Skin Boots', she would walk all over you! 'Dr. Sin Is In' is butchered in the true Lordi forsaken fashion, dolled up with just enough intransigence and vile hypocrisy. 'The Ghosts Of Heceta Head' longs for the misty fog of fear, with it's John Carpenter like nebulous and numinous chants

Soon I'll see Lordi perform with American Metal's menace to society - Lizzy Borden. We'll see who gives whom the axe. Either way, I'm still grateful Lordi are gaining the respectful following they merit. GWAR clones they are NOT! Lords of the earache: irascible, sinister supermonstars they are.

As the unholy days steadfast approach, and Halloween has crept back into the shadows, ever lurking, watching with one good eye closed. One can always celebrate the horror able mechanics of Lordi. Their infectious panache will always beguile, giving one a dedicated aching urge to sing and slay with delight.

Also, if you want to bring in some Yule Tide cheer, check out the new Austrian Death Machine single - A Very Brutal Christmas, or the all-star rockin mettle anthems of We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year! This Seasons beatings have begun...

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