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Lordi - Scare Force One

Published October 28 2014

=Staff's pick

SCG7: Arm Your Doors and Cross Check
Scare Force One
How To Slice A Whore
Hell Sent In The Clowns
House Of Ghosts
Monster Is My Name
Cadaver Lover*
Amen's Lament To Ra II
Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein
The United Rocking Dead
She's A Demon
Hella's Kitchen
Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir!

Genre Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Mr. Lordi
Tracks 13
Running time 48 Min.
Label AFM Records
Release 31 October 2014
Country Finland
Producer Mikko Karmila
Similar artists ---

The Finnish rockers are back and the band's music is indeed most recognizable, even though they've brought in some new elements to this record. The major share of the songs really comprise their theme and their type of music and a lot of them, in one way, seem to have already been done before.

Scare Force One, in its foundations, feels more or less like a repeat of what's been created earlier. This matter doesn't necessarily equals something crappy though and this new release is really an improvement when taking their last record, To Beast Or Not To Beast, in consideration, which I think belongs to this unit's worst creations thus far.

To describe the band's music in a simple way, I would say that it's pretty much riff oriented hard rock with heavy metal influences, which holds a harsh lead vocalist, who together with a little standardized rhythms from the bass and the drums end up with a metal music that has elements of a more mellow approach to suit the keyboard lines.

The lyrical contents are all but nice and pleasant and are certainly accurate to complete the monster theme of Lordi. The band seems to have a natural ability to try to bring out strong melodies, in favor of creating something powerful with killing capacity. In the end most tracks also turn out pretty catchy, yet without affecting me to a greater point.

I can imagine that many of the older fans have in their minds already put this band to rest, but in fact these beasts keep on fighting for acknowledgment. Every band periodically struggles, but with this album I believe that Lordi is about to get back on its feet again and some songs are undoubtedly good shit.

A few tracks may be seen as fillers, but as a whole package, this record has greater impact on me than what the last few records had and this material also gets a push from the total production, which in my ears also makes this release more attractive than its closest predecessors.

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