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Kreator - Enemy Of God Revisited

Published Jan.. 17 2007

=Staff's pick

Live At Wacken 2005:
Enemy Of God
Impossible Brutality
Pleasure To Kill
Violent Revolution
Suicide Terrorist
Extreme Aggressions*
People Of The Lie*
Voices Of The Dead
Terrible Certainty*
Flag Of Hate

Live At Rockpalast:
Reconquering The Throne
Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
- The Making Of Enemy Of God Video Diary

- Enemy Of God*
- Dystopia
- Impossible Brutality
- Dying Race Apocalypse

5.1 Digital Recording Of Enemy Of God

Enemy Of God*
Impossible Brutality*
Suicidal Terrorist
World Anarchy
Voices Of The Dead*
Murder Fantasies*
When Death Takes It's Dominion
One Evil Comes - A Million Follow
Dying Race Apocalypse
Under A Total Blackened Sky
The Ancient Plague

Live Bonus Tracks:
Toxic Trace*
Coma Of Souls

Genre Thrash Metal
Mille Petrozza
Tracks 14/14
Mille Petrozza
Runningtime 56 Min.(cd)/110 Min.(dvd)
Sami Yli-Sirnio
Label SPV
Christian Geisler
Release 30 Oct. 2006
Jurgen Reil
Country Germany
Similar artists Slayer, Destruction, Sodom, Exodus

Those violent revolutionaries of total death and tyranny triumph again causing more conflict and endless pain, spreading the toxic trace of terrible certainty in a newly revised rendition of Enemy Of God. The tour mentors of the terror zone known as Kreator are alive again on this bonus collectors' double digipack. Mille and his band of outcasts echo their voices of transgression on a revitalized version which includes an awesome bonus dvd filmed at Wacken in 2005. This dvd also features four videos, and other bonebreaking bonuses. For aural advocates of the golden age, the dvd incorporates a version of the studio CD remixed in 5.1 dolby digital. There are also two live cuts culled from the Japanese pressing.

Metal Covenant has already exposed your willing spirit to a credulous critique of Enemy Of God; chances are that you did not resist its imposable brutality, and purchased the original; lest you suffer from dystopia. Thus, this review will concentrate only on the DVD, and why you should strive to obtain this, otherwise, there's no reason to exist!

The live concert at Wacken Open Air is - zero to none - a raging storm of the best - reason alone to repurchase this mandatory suicide swamped in revisioned glory. The concert commences with Choir Of The Damned, but the agents of brutality surprisingly blast immediately into Enemy Of God, and not Ripping Corpses. Either way, once the fatal energy explodes, and the riot of violent hallucinative aromas arouse, there is no escape! After Impossible Brutality, my old school, impossible to cure broodish charm, embraces more scenarios of violence as Pleasure To Kill fractures the mind on fire and inspires more murder fantasies. Haplessly, there's no engaging seduluos solo, just a segue into Phobia, then more newly chosen funereal favourites fly the flag of hate inside your headbanging paranoia.

As the patriarch of pain and persuasion screams, "Extreme Agressions", I fall under the command of his blazing bittersweet revenge! Since, I have yet to experience this incarnation of Kreator live, this vicarious vision storming with menacing thunder, cures my depression unrest, and fans my everlasting flame. Next up is People Of The Lie then Voices Of The Dead - an excellent studio song which somehow does not translate too well in this live milieu. The puke in the dust ridden dictator espouses his love us or hate us vehemence as Ventnor begins the tribualation drum knell of Terrible Certainty. The bringer of torture, Mr. Petrozza awakens the Gods of wrath with his scornful scream of Betrayer. Due to time constraints, Flag Of Hate bleeds directly into Tormentor as the kings of Hell continue to kill with pleasure.

These sententious death suvivors save the best for last and always take their live performance seriously; still they have a tempestuous tendency to play many title tracks which eventually evolve into "hits", as the set list of six of the sick sections show. After this final encore Kreator verify they are even stronger than before, with no momentum lost, as the camera pans over the now never comatose souls showing a very satiated crowd of Europeans after the reign!

The four forlorned depictions on video include: Enemy Of God - a creative conceptual take on the insanity and genuis of a young maiden of malcreation, maddened and drawn into temptaion to the darkside. This mettle masterpiece is quite engaging. There is also an extra feature cataloguing the formidable task of pronouncing this puncuated premise of pure pandenonium. Dystopia with its surrealistic Voi Vod vision and world beyond banality is an animated escapade. The video for Impossible Brutality (as seen on the original Enemy Of God CD) portrays a forlorn protaganist skulking scoldingly; while Kreator play in an enclosed bar. Dying Race Apocalypse is another typical tale of travail with bland storytelling in a rather ambigious guise.

The dvd also includes three additional live footage fruitions shot at Rockpalast : 1. Reconquering The Throne, 2. Renewal, 3. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell. In this sweltering, claustrophobic environ, Kreator endure the drama under the key machine, as the signs burn red. This live version of Renewal really sounds solid and better than the studio standard. Even though this is bootleg material, the picture quality is quite pensive.

The choice is yours - buy or die! As for me, with the recent advent of all compulsory Roadrunner remasters taunting my liquidity, like Realm, Atrophy, Toxik, and Sadus; not too mention all the promising forthcoming new thrashing releases from the likes of Hyades, Destructor, and Onslaught. I need to curb my enthusiasm for frivolous spending. SPV are being quite munificient, the dvd alone merits your repentence. I invest in my metal wisely. As Kreator carry me out of the dark and into the light, I do whatever it may take to envision a better tomorrow!

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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