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Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos

Published January 11 2009

=Staff's pick

Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)*
Amok Run*
Destroy What Destroys You
Radical Resistance
Absolute Misanthropy
To The Afterborn
Corpses Of Liberty
Demon Prince*

Genre Thrash Metal
Mille Petrozza
Tracks 10
Mille Petrozza
Runningtime 39 Min.
Sami Yli-Sirnio
Label SPV/Steamhammer
Christian Geisler
Release 19 January 2009
Jürgen Reil
Country Germany
Similar artists Sodom, Exodus, Tankard

It has been four moribund years since the agents of brutality, known as Kreator, have delivered their enemy of god-like warcurse. Thankfully, in the last year, they have perpetuated the enduring drama, by whetting our appetites with the awesome re-release of the 1990 Live In East Berlin Concert & Hallucinative Coma Video - At The Pulse Of Kapitulation. Finally, their new studio album comes to our souls, with a traumatic terror tone of fatal energy, and a crucial cause for conflict.

This is their third assiduous release with the same enduring line-up. Hordes Of Chaos, also serves as a hellish celebration of 25 tormented, or kreative years of well-crafted passion, and perseverance. Through endless painful sincerity, Kreator respond with an authentic alacrity. It is truly a terrible certainty that Kreator are the sedulous soldiers of radical resistance, remaining true to their extreme aggressions, and inner voice of transgression.

Hordes Of Chaos is an excellent album in every manner, but it is not without its short-comings. One of the key being it's length. One would assume, that after such a duration of writing new material, this hiatus would cause the Patriarch - Mille and his band of violent revolutionaries - to be afflicted with a merging myriad of kreative concepts. Perhaps, they felt under the guillotine of pressure, to record a new album; nevertheless, Hordes does not match, or measure the intensity, or impossible brutality of Enemy Of God, or the stronger than before ambitions of Violent Revolution.

This is not to say that there is not some level of renewal in the songwriting. In fact, Hordes is a chaotic mixture of the modern and punk like angst kreated on Cause For Conflict, Renewal, and Outcast. As anticipated, the personified pleasure and skill of albums like Extreme Aggressions, or Coma Of Souls, tinged with the toxic trace of Terrible Certainty become re-enacted. Even the mellifluously melodic undertones of the more gothic Endorama club the senses, and entice.

The CD initiates the necrologue with the punishing title track, followed by the anathematic total death tone of'Warcurse'. The brutal escalation exacerbates, exuding absolute misanthropy, with the electrified current of 'Amok Run'. Then the song structures became more average, tepid, and less inspired; especially, the banal betrayer - 'Destroy What Destroys You'.

Thankfully, the pace is reignited with the striking prismatic cadence of 'Radical Resistance'. Then, the willing spiritual essence of 'To The Afterborn' awakens the hidden dictator, ever present in us all. The ancient plague-like infection of the 'Demon Prince' is a truly kharmic wheel of mayhem, and an excellent choice for concluding this mind riot, and scenario of violence.

Love them or hate them, the sentient Kreator endure, awakening the Metal Gods in us all. I encourage you to take their lives, as a living example of this noble truth. Their words of chaos, spark reflection in our mettle hearts. We know that some pain will last - even so, the memories of a promising tomorrow inspire new trust in a better future - free of the fear of dystopia.

Kreator remind us to be wary, but not weary of the people of the lie. They encourage us to always be aware of the so-called "evils" in this world, but not enslaved to our supposed fears. I will always respect and honour them for their radical honesty, and their everlasting ability to kreate quality thrash - always storming with menace and might - truly willing to carry on, and raise the flag of hate!

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