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Death Angel - A Thrashumentary

Published July 08 2015

=Staff's pick

We Grew Up In The Bay Area Thrash Scene
The Original Lineup Of Death Angel
Kill As One
The Ultra Violence
Frolic In The Park
The Accident
The O
Thrash Of The Titans
I Like Everything About Ted
The Art Of Dying
Killing Season
Relentless Revolution
I'm Looking For Will Carroll
And Then Damien Came In
Relentless Retribution
Impressions Of Suecof
Relentless Touring
Death Angel Is
The Last Song Of The Evening

Mistress Of Pain Live

Bonus live album (The Bay Calls For Blood):
Left For Dead
Buried Alive
The Dream Calls For Blood
Execution/Don't Save Me
Caster Of Shame
Territorial Instinct/Bloodlust

Genre Thrash Metal
Mark Osegueda
Tracks 24
Rob Cavestany
Runningtime 154 Min.
Ted Aguilar
Label Nuclear Blast
Damien Sisson
Release July 17, 2015
Will Carroll
Country USA
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DVD review only. No extra video nor bonus CD included in my package.

Tommy Jones has put together a film of legendary Bay area thrashers Death Angel about 3 decades into the band's career. This is indeed a documentary and the live material on this release is rather scarce, meaning that it's a perfect design to fit my taste of a DVD's contents. As more or less stated in the inaugural texts, this film pretty much runs from the band's formation up to the time when they began shooting the The Dream Calls For Blood DVD.

In approximately 2.5 hours, it basically tells the story of what Death Angel is all about. Long-time members, or dare I call them original members since they both participated on the band's debut record, Rob Cavestany and Mark Osegueda do the lion's share of the talking and the other 3 current members make their entrances along the way. We also get to hear a bunch of other well-known metal musicians tell some stuff about their relations and friendships with Death Angel.

The boys in the band tell their stories with great empathy, truthfulness and energy about everything and more. All from the basics and influences, through the first couple of records, to the infamous touring bus accident that tore the band apart in the early 90's and further on to the bands some of them were playing in before they reunited in the early 2000's and of course also about the latest period with the new lineup.

Some of the few live pictures have bootleg quality, but since those clips often are very short and undoubtedly not the main theme of this film, it doesn't bother me at all. Still, just by looking at those live sequences, you can really feel how energetic and active the band's performances are, even to this very day. This film is definitely highly valid if you, like me, appreciate documentaries before musical contents and also if you're eager to learn a little more about this unit.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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