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Death Angel - Killing Season

Published March 01 2008

=Staff's pick

Lord Of Hate*
Sonic Beatdown*
Carnival Justice*
Buried Alive*
The Noose*
When Worlds Collide
God Vs. God
Steal The Crown
Resurrection Machine

Genre Thrash Metal
Mark Osegueda
Tracks 11
Rob Cavestany
Runningtime 47 Min.
Ted Aguilar
Label Nuclear Blast
Dennis Pepa
Release 29 Feb. 2008
Andy Galeon
Country USA
Similar artists Fueled By Fire, Fear, Minor Threat

The organization of kindred spirits known as Death Angel are a phenomena. These very voracious souls, seize every moment, set to swarm like mad locusts uprising. The lord of hate defies, so open up your eyes! These thicker than blood relatives seriously reprimand, disturbing the peace, with non-stop abrasion and poignant presence. Prepare to be punished by the sonic beatdown of Death Angel's Killing Season.

The road mutants storm the shores of sincerity with another awesome album. These seasoned San Franciscans, rip through the veil of disguise; poised to kill as one devilish entity of heavy metal insanity. In 2004 they reformed to rape minds with their Art Of The Dying. Four more years, the wards of state react freely with avidity and lust to surpass previous endeavours. With each passing thought, the musical dirge churns and grinds with the distress of pain, anguish, and strife.

Producer Nick Raskulinecz, a self-confessed Death Angel advocate, has resurrected the damned machine gun etiquette. Having clashed with a diversity of talent from Rush to Foo Fighters, Nick knows how to fan the flames; encouraging Death Angel to dig in deep and rediscover their roots. The result is something one can sink his teeth into, if starving for metal. This is no "Sunday In The Park With George" frolic; on the contrary, Killing Season is a dismal disporting of the initiate through the dark night of the soulless.

The ultra-violent old school thrashers will be thrown to the wolves, and devoured. The new kids on the chopping block, will be placed in a pillory and perforated. Pronounced, updated production values; bluesy, ballsy riffs, and jazzy, iconic fused intensity will cast the confused into the vulture's nest, once this famine infests. Any true Death Angel die-hard won't be dismayed; and if new to the fabulous disaster of forbidden violence, then Killing Season serves as a testament that the, so less than notable "new thrash" pretenders of Machine Head, Lamb Of God, The Haunted & Trivium will be dethroned, as these rightful masters steal back the crown.

Killing Season is a complex composition; there are so many layers. Every time I listen to it, I notice a nuance previously undetected. I cherish all their albums, and I appreciate the levels of experimentation, and progression attained with each novel effort. Whereas The Art Of Dying held a more grunge, slick 70's vibe; Killing Season reigns with an early 80's punk driven aggression, as Rob, Andy, & Dennis dispense their carnal justice.

Although there are no lyrics provided, when words collide, Mark Osegueda's style is still inventive, and easily discernible. He adds an authentic hard core bite, bittersweetened by his personal fear, guilt, and innocence. All of this is a mere minor threat, allowing for some artistic leeway. His evil preachy words to the wise spurn with a conflict of interest. Death Angel litigate with dynamic, diligent diatribes of dissonance. These artisans appear to be passionately pissed off politically. The world's current state of affairs have become the lyrical thrust. This may seem like a metal cliche', but bear in mind Death Angel seldom delve into the banal, with their learnt offerings, and wit.

Each song has it's own characteristics, and every song will identify with the avid listener on a different steppe, flooring the fan by the third scourge. Lord Of Hate is an excellent way to commence with it's acoustic Room With A View vibe, erupting into a dehumanization of the human spirit. Sonic Beatdown, Dethroned, Soulless, Buried Alive, & The Noose all grasp with an upbraided stranglehold on the senses, punctuated by seemingly endless time changes, and a punchy riff searing solo interchange.

God Vs. God and Resurrection Machine head in that modern direction, all the while maintaining a full mettle, no jacket required, invitation. The album loses a little momentum, towards the end, but never enough to have me falling asleep or becoming bored.

Infiltrating the sonic barriers, Death Angel climb over the wall of separation, confronting the atrocity exhibition, fueled by fire, with and ardent zeal to slay your anxious souls. As I emerge from the stagnant abyss of winter, longing for the spring, I'm in ecstasy with each aspiration of this Killing Season.

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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