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Reviewed by Michael the MettleAngel
Tourname: Cannibal Corpse Kill Tour
Headliner: Cannibal Corpse
Special guests: Feast On Purity, Estuary, Through The Eyes Of The Dead
City: Covington, Kentucky
Venue: The Mad Hatter
Date: July 6, 2006
Feast On Purity set-length: 35 minutes
Estuary set-length: 45 minutes
Through The Eyes Of The Dead: set-length: 45 minutes
Cannibal Corpse set-length: 75 minutes


This was the second time I saw Cannibal Corpse kill, and Wendy's first. I saw them play ten years ago with Angelcorpse. I have never really been a fan of this band, that is until after this evening. Wendy & I primarily went to support Estuary, whom we had yet seen perform live with Zdenka on vocals. When we arrived at the gig, we knew we were in the right place as an ambulance was in the parking lot, and police cars were blocking the main thoroughfare. We later learned that it was just a car accident, and thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Then we walked inside and identified ourselves. I showed Wendy the argosy of graphic designs the band had for T-shirts and merchandise; including G-string panties with the words "Eaten Back to Life" inscribed upon them. There was also a three dollar pen shaped like a syringe with the Cannibal Corpse logo on it, with a sign indicating that if you purchase this pen, you would be entereed into a drawing for a cool "Cannibal the Music Kill" promo pack. Just as I was considering doing this, the first band Feast on Purity hit the stage, as the tears of a dead man filled the room with lugubrious solace.


Feast On Purity

I did not really get to see much of Feast on Purity performance, as I became involved interviewing with Anthony during their set. These boys from Hebron, Kentucky sounded quite tight, and like Three Inches of Blood, they had two vocalist trading off grunts and gruff sighs. They played fast and intense and managed to hammer out eight cuts in only 35 minutes. Their no tongue no lies approach and random acts of violence kept the crowd in a frenzy like lambs to the slaughter, driven by the hunger. The lyrics, best I could wrangle and decipher, seemed horror based. As I later learned from Landon their bass player who gave me the set list and a free CD, the lyrical approach was very feral and truly inspired by the likes of Romero & Dario Argento. After they left the stage their fans were truly blugeoned, skinned, & displayed.


No Tongue - No Lies
Rejecting Heaven's Eyes
Screaming In Her Sleep
Tears Of A Dead Man
Lambs To The Slaughter
Random Acts Of Violence
Bludgeoned, Skinned, & Displayed
Driven By The Hunger

6,5 chalices of 10


This was our reason to exist and endure this very night. Wendy and I had so hungered to see Zdenka execute live with Ash and his ilk attempting a spiritual beheading. It was so damn hot in this crowded little club, which was filled with a subtle pungent stench of sweat & beer. We felt like hermetically sealed arcane secret captives of the ages, trying to break free of our soul scarred servitude. The sentencing subsided as the sentient Estuary hit the stage prepared for draining the debtor of every pound of his flesh, as we swiped the sweat from our pores. The throng of thrashers unheard in the storm was akin to a barrage of skankers skulking, or a wehmacht's march to dive. These sharks were poised for attack as Zdenka urged the crowd into swirling madness with no signs of fear or relent. It's no wonder the Europeans enjoyed their most recent tour. Estuary are phenomenal live; charged with so much aggression and angst, once summoned at daybreak. Their musical ability is astounding considering Ash's modest and forbidden evil tendencies; Brad's darkness descends dire deplatories, Jessie's juxtapositioning drum death knell, and Steve, himself, is a mortal site to behold on bass. This combined with Zdenka's growling fury, was too much for me to withstand and I scurried to the trenches to aviod another stage diver falling over the edge. Ash sent his personal thanks to Tim Mulligan for assisting them with their European tour and the band debuted a new track their own "Creation Damnation" This only excited the crowd more with wallowing and woven denial to seek respite of silence and mind. My weakening stone semblance just brooked the bannister as I continued to write and romp. By the time Estuary continued their onslaught of aggrandized aggression, agitation, and rebuke; every head in the house was banging to the beatification of carnage, riding the tides of malice.


To Exist
Soul Scarred Captives
Draining The Debtor
Creation Damnation
Flesh & Blood Dilemma
Of Weakening Stone
Silence And Mind
Woven Denial

9 chalices of 10

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Through The Eyes Of The Dead

This was the first time time we witnessed the bloodlust of Through the Eyes of the Dead; so we steadied ouselves to take comfort in the scarred ragers annihiliation of expectation, with eyes ever turned inward. Anthony's vocals fluctuate from brutal inchoate banter to shrill sonic screams of abyssal creation. My erratic perception of his almost hardcore histrionics is evidenced by the manner in which he grasps the microphone as if he were the bandit bandstanding "Breaker, Breaker" on a CB radio, warning us of oncoming smokeys nearby. This punk like persistence often akin to Murphy's Law & the Cro-Mags continued when Anthony merged with the crowd ready to surf and sling. The music they play clearly is not punk; nor is it metal-core. The guitar talent of Justin and Chris echoes several deathrash qualities similar to Vader, Kreator, Morbid Angel, & Angelcorpse. Anthony's attitude is the primary variable, with his vocal vicissitudes. Once again, I recoiled from the force fed traumatic bloodsport, while Wendy stuck it out bearing the black death and it's aftermath, until a flagrant stage diver landed on her like he was tackling the quarterback in the superbowl, causing her some aggravated back injury; which still persists to this day.

Since when has the pit become an excuse for auditioning for the next "Mortal Kombat" Movie? In my day, we moshed in a circle and skipped and flailed around in a somewhat organized fashion. Now it's just an excuse to fight and kick like Jet Li, which is not my cup of tea. During Cannibal's set, I even noticed one crowd surfer who flipped over smashing his skull against the fire sprinklers on the ceiling (Ouch!). This truest display of crimson from frenzied fans only served to stir the cauldron for what was to culminate with the cannibal feast.


Two Inches From A Main Artery
With Eyes Ever Turned Inward
Beneath Dying Skies
Abysssal Creation
Truest Shade Of Crimson
To Take Comfort (In Yesterday's Scars)

7,5 chalices of 10

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Cannibal Corpse

When the wretched spawn execrated and supporated with blood drenched execution, already the bleeding bloodthirsty sardine squished crimson crowd had erupted into a true pit of zombies, now eaten back to life. The Mad Hatter's chambers of blood ensured that every bone be broken until the adequate disposal of the bodies, soon to be dismembered and molested from skin to liquid. A band like Cannibal, after centuries of torment, continue crushing the despised, making them suffer. Wendy's shoulder was still throbbing after escaping the tomb of the mutilated, so she was incapable of taking anymore pictures, then her batteries died in the camera; since she had taken so many photographs of the former bands. We decided to sit this one out. We parked our frail frames next to the sound engineer's booth. The guitar tech from Cannibal was so cool and he allowed us to just watch the show from this safe distance. He also gave me a set-list to ease my weary mind; as I tried to write down all the pleonasms being played pliantly . As George screamed, "the time to kill is now!", I just observed the vile murder worship from the thralls thrashing. I even recognized one of my favorite cuts, "Fucked With A Knife". This song always reminds me of the Brad Pitt movie "Seven", and how the sufferers of the seven deadly sins were always covered in sores in a gore obsessed gallery of suicide. As the band continued unleashing their bloodcurdling, banishment altercations with decency defied, abetting the dormant bodies in the audience to burst out, I gazed in awe and wonder at Pat's shredding soliloquy. He was playing for his hometown tonight, and he performed with psychotic precision. Paul's barbaric bludgeonings and Rob's puncture wound waverings and malevolent creation christening, so soul-stirred us.

As I devoured my vitamins, I quickly regained my discomfiture only to notice Zdenka singing along with Corpsegrinder on Devoured by Vermin. With her mere smashed faced, brought on by a night of frivoluos imbimbing, Zdenka stripped her vocal chords, poised like a raptor,, and strangled the microphone in an overarching escalade. The Cianide assassins were overwhelmed by the intense heat, so they urged the crowd to seek out some PBRs (Pabst Blue Ribbon), PDR (Pretty Damn Rapidly). They played a few more tracks, then the show was over. I would have really liked to have heard Meathook Sodomy, but essentially, the show was a successful killing spree.


The Time to Kill Is Now
Death Walking Terror
Fucked With A Knife
Covered With Sores
Born In A Casket
The Wretched Spawn
I Will Kill You
Decency Defied
Disposal Of The Body
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
Make Them Suffer
Murder Worship
Dormant Bodies Bursting
Pit of Zombies
Five Nails Through The Neck
Devoured By Vermin
Hammer Smashed Face
Stripped, Raped, & Strangled

7,5 chalices of 10

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