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Straight out of the flames of Florence, South Carolina, protracts Prostetic recording artist Through The Eyes Of The Dead with their intense abysmal creation and bloodlust looming beneath the dying disguise. So take comfort in their carnage creations and piercing perforations, just two inches from a main artery. Even I nearly suffered arteriosclerotic tendencies after my discursive palaver with the vocalist Anthony Gunnels - the bringer of truth, while we were attending the Cannibal Corpse show.

MettleAngel: Hey brother, I'm very excited to see your band play tonight. I've heard really good things, but how would you describe your sound, as it's more than basic metal-core right?

  • Anthony: Primarily we are melodic death metal, with an emphasis on harsh vocals, in a low register, combined with high pitched screams.

MettleAngel: When did the band form?

  • Anthony: We assembled about three years ago, but there have been some major line-up changes since then. Touring is a tough life and not everyone is cut out for this sort of thing.

MettleAngel: Oh I see, so what is the current line-up?

  • Anthony: Our original drummer quit after recording the new CD and our bass player didn't want to tour, as money issues were involved. As for me, I was poor while growing up, so it really didn't matter. Actually, I eat better when I'm on tour, than when I'm at home.

MettleAngel: Well that's good to hear, how is the tour going so far?

  • Anthony: Oh yeah, Saturday begins the "Sounds Of The Underground Tour", and we will see Cannibal Corpse and several of our other friends play every night. This will be one continuous party!

You just finished another major tour, what was that about?

  • Anthony: We were on tour with Terror and Death Before Dishonor before this gig, we felt a little out of place, since those bands draw a more hardcore type audience. Overall the tour went really well and we have been touring for over a year straight. Man I love to tour, when I'm home I'm bored and broke. As far as I'm concerned it's better to be on tour.

MettleAngel: Well it's important to have a positive attitude when you're the frontman for a band...

  • Anthony: As long as I can eat, drink, and smoke I'm happy, it beats being home.

MettleAngel: You know rich and poor is only a state of mind; the most important thing to do is celebrate life. Success should only be measured by your level of happiness.

  • Anthony: Right on man, that's exactly what I'm saying!

Now back to my original question, what about your current line-up?

  • Anthony: On guitar we have Justin Longshore, he's an original member, and Chris Anderson is our most recent guitarist. Jake Ososkie plays bass, he used to play guitar in Arsis, and on drums is Josh Kulick from Topeka, Kansas. He's good friends with bands like Origin and Unmerciful.

MettleAngel: Well, it sounds like you guys have got a pretty tight line-up then.

  • Anthony: Hell yeah, I'm going to keep doing this until I get fucking bored. Then I'll open up my own venue and promote bands. As a band we just want to play music and have ourselves a good time so we deal with all the bullshit and swallow our pride.

MettleAngel: Well I'm glad to see you have the right attitude, thank you for the interview.

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