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Prong - Ruining Lives

Published April 15 2014

=Staff's pick

The Barriers
Windows Shut*
Remove, Separate Self*
Ruining Lives
Absence Of Light
The Book Of Change
Self Will Run Riot
Come To Realize
Chamber Of Thought
Limitations And Validations*

Genre Hardcore/Alt. Metal/Punk Thrash
Tommy Victor
Tracks 11
Tommy Victor
Running time 42 Min.
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Tony Campos
Release 23 April 2014
Alexei Rodriguez
Country USA
Producer Tommy Victor/Steve Evetts
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Before I decided to put my hands on this record, it was a long time ago since I heard something of the long running metallers Prong's music and I don't even remember what my thoughts were back then. With this release I hear things that include all kinds of elements such as hardcore attacks, alternative metal and also bits of some sort of punk thrash and I'm really not able to put a proper and decisive label to this effort.

Something about this record instantly captures me. It's indeed fiery and it sounds pretty youthful and fresh and also pretty direct without detours. As far as I'm concerned, it's definitely not a completely new chapter in the history of metal music and each song really doesn't possess a massive own identity, as most musicians like to point out. Yet there's a momentum in the disc's overall material that keeps me focused all throughout. I see it entirely as a vivid breeze with a stunning ongoing spirit, although the first half holds the majority of the most captivating colorful thrusts and attractive moments.

Swinging riffs with an eager and burning spirit and, the way I see it, a pleasant drum sound controls this record together with Tommy Victor's suitable vocal performance. Without being negative, it's feels like it's pretty safe to say that most of this record lands in some kind of comfort zone, yet comprising certain variation with faster parts and also partially softer material. This discharging missile might feel slightly repetitive when solely looking at the totality, but somehow still made in a way that engages my emotions and attracts my senses.

This was truly a huge surprise to me and this experience will probably be played at my home rather frequently from this point and forward. I almost didn't check out this piece, but I'm glad that I did. The worst part is that I'm now in a position where I decidedly have to run through the band's back catalogue to see what might be lurking in the realms of the veterans' past efforts.

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