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Prong - X - No Absolutes

Published January 09 2016

=Staff's pick

Ultimate Authority
Sense Of Ease*
Without Words
Cut And Dry*
No Absolutes
Do Nothing*
Belief System
Soul Sickness
In Spite Of Hindrances
Ice Runs Through My Veins*
Worth Pursuing
With Dignity
Universal Law (Bonus Track)

Genre Hardcore
Tommy Victor
Tracks 13
Tommy Victor
Running time 44 Min.
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Jason Christopher
Release February 05, 2016
Art Cruz
Country USA
Producer Tommy Victor w/ Chris Collier
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Prong hasn't changed direction significantly since its last record Ruining Lives, aside from the fact that the band's mainstay Tommy Victor has replaced his entire, but small, crew of 2 with a pair of new guys and the band nowadays includes bass player Jason Christopher and drummer Art Cruz. Prong has never been an act known for coming out with completely different material with each and every record made and the fans will very likely realize what they are gonna get before they even decide to listen to this record.

No Absolutes comprises often a rather light version of hardcore, but that doesn't stop these guys from pretty frequently really ignite too and put it to a faster and a more outright appearance and you can easily recognize the band's typical approach. Unsurprisingly this disc contains quite a few heavy riffs, a kind of uncomplicated and straight drum play and even if Tommy Victor never made himself a name by being a highly talented singer, I feel that his voice is entirely appropriate for this type of music.

I think it's easy, at a first glance on this album, to see it as pretty monotonous, but if you dig a little deeper through the coating and get to know the songs really well, you will find clear diversification if comparing one or a few songs to another. It's sometimes a little bit speedier, kind of melodic at times, somewhat heavier occasionally and finally we have a few mid-tempo tracks. You also have to be aware that this band basically plays hardcore music and accordingly a large portion of the album's content pretty much ends up in a single department and anything else would be downright strange indeed.

This record contains several really good songs, which mostly happens to be two opposites, the faster ones and the most melodic ones. Personally I think that this is attractive music, but I also suspect that many people will dismiss this stuff right off the bat as well. If you enjoy Prong's latest achievements, I'm pretty sure that you will find value in this one too. If you don't, well perhaps you should give this sucker a try and see if you like it or not.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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