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Tesla - Forever More

Published November 10 2008

=Staff's pick

Forever More*
I Wanna Live*
One Day At A Time
So What*
Just In Case
Fallin' Apart
Breakin' Free*
All Of Me
The First Time*
Pvt. Ledbetter
In A Hole Again
The Game

Genre Hard Rock
Jeff Keith
Tracks 12
Frank Hannon
Runningtime 51 Min.
Dave Rude
Label Frontiers Records
Brian Wheat
Release 07 November 2008
Troy Luccketta
Country USA
Similar artists Aerosmith, Great White, Skid Row

"This one really rocks!". These words came from my eight year old son a few minutes ago when I popped Tesla's new album into my CD-player. And despite his lack of experience in this matter he is absolutely right, this surely ROCKS! And who would have thought? I mean, Tesla in the year of 2008 making this great impact on me feels beyond the possible. In fact, I haven't had this fun when listening to Tesla since the release of their first two masterpieces (Mechanical Resonance and The Great Radio Controversy) in the eighties. The fantastic show they made on this year's Sweden Rock Festival proved that they were in a great shape but I didn't expect that they were capable of writing new material with this quality.

All eventual doubts about this album are swept away instantly since it opens in the best of ways with the brilliant title track. It's a dynamic composition that ranges from passages with heavy guitars to soft breathing spaces and great melodies as a faithful companion. Up next is the single of the album entitled I Wanna Live, a track that kicks out the few non-believers that are left with a self confident, obvious and hard hitting chorus. One Day At A Time is vital and heavy but not on par with the best tracks on Forever More. This dip regarding the quality is repaired at once since the upcoming So What is a real cracker. The composition is brilliantly arranged with a soft and beautiful verse that contrasts to the awesome heavy and in-your-face type of chorus.

Tesla has always had the special ability of composing intriguing ballads and Forever More is no exception to that rule. Just In Case and above all The First Time are both breathtaking with a flood of melody and emotion. I would also label Fallin' Apart as a ballad but this one is a more mainstream with a lot of hooks but not as emotive as the previously mentioned.

The absolute highlight on Forever More is without a doubt a monster track entitled Breakin' Free. It's a perfected composition that starts quite mellow with hypnotizing guitars and drums (what a fantastic beat, just try to sit still…). Jeff Keith shines with his fantastic vocals, as he does on the entire record, and on top of that there's a heavy and catchy chorus that's about to blow you away.

The album ends with a couple of not so inspired tracks but that's not enough to wipe away my final judgement that Forever More is a sensational album. Not in my wildest dreams was I expecting new material this vital and intriguing. As Frank Hannon states in the press release: "We're riding a wave of energy that doesn't come easy for a band of rookies, much less a band whose been doing this for over 20 years". I hope this boost of energy will last Forever More considering all the joy it brings…

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Hawk

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