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Andreas "Gerre" Geremia comments on each song on the album Thirst (2008):

When I recently interviewed Gerre of Tankard, I asked him to include a "Song By Song" commentary; since, Tankard's lyrics are always a critical part to their song writing style. As usual, the beer and alcohol themes are effusively poured out, and deposited for one's healthy consumption; but, this time around, Tankard have also written some personal songs, and some serious numbers. So stay thirsty for some deep insight into the twisted minds of the maniac forces. Savour the flavourful chemical persuasion of the themes that follow, as spewed forth from the mouth of the barrroom prophet himself:

Octane Warriors - This is a song about future wars, because the oil will run out, if we do not take appropriate action. I guess it is a little inspired by the Mad Max Movies. It is definitelty a really heavy thrash opener!

Deposit Pirates - This is a funny song we wrote about about those people in Germany who collect all the empty bottles; because, we have to pay a deposit for them. There is a great mid-tempo chorus and a really confusing first part, but we still like it.

Stay Thirsty! - The title track of the album has a very melodic beginning. The overall lyrics are a bit of a parody of the Twisted Sister song - 'Stay Hungry'! We just did a video for this, and it was crazy. Pay attention to the very catchy chorus, because, the people love it already - when we play it live!

Hyperthermia - This is a typical Tankard thrasher, with some slow parts and a fast chorus; doing what we do best. Basically, the song is about going to the sauna, which I like to do once a week. It's a great feeling to show everybody my wonderful body, so sexy, for all the ladies to drool over, and desire.... hahahahahahahahahahahah!

Echoes Of Fear - Part of my routine is to sit on the sofa, and watch the war activities on my television. This shit really gets to me, so I write about it, as I've done before, no doubt. I guess, this is another serious song for us., Some journalists think that it sounds similar to the song by the NWOBHM band - Tank. That song - "Echoes Of A Distant Battle", is an influence, but unconsciously, as this was not my initial intention. I suppose if you listen to the chorus, and rhythms, the Tank sound is there. I guess it comes natural, because I`m a great fan of the older Tank stuff, myself!

When Daddy Comes To Play - This, by far, is the most outstanding song on Thirst. It carries with it the most serious lyrical connotation. It deals with that incestuous guy from Austria who kept parts of his family in prison. This, for me, can be very hard stuff to write about; but, I feel that there is a need for me to express my emotions and convictions. This type of shit gets to me. The cool thing is that we had some children sing on the song to bring the subject more close to the people! Overall, it's really not a typical Tankard song, At first, I was a little bit sceptical about constructing this song, but now I really like it!!!

Zodiac Man - Simply put, this is a song about our drummer Olaf Zissel. As a band we have to all get along, and effectively communicate, but Olaf has a tendency to daydream, or not respond to key discussions. I sometimes feel that he is physically present, but out of his mind, as he just does not always tune in to what is happening. Although, I really do like the chorus of this mid-tempo thrasher, which reminds me of 'Alien'!!

G.A.L.O.W. - This stands for: Gods And Legends Of War. This essentially, is a song about my affinity for Greek Mythology. I had some difficulty attempting to sing all these difficult words, and names for deities. This is our bassists - Frank' favourite song on Thirst. he and I both agree, as we have been in the band since the good ole' days, that this represents our view of a typical Tankard thrash anthem, even if it is not about alcohol.... hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!

Myevilfart - Well, of course, this is another Tankard style joke song about us fat bastards, and my always stinking the place up. The song is self explanatory, and there is nothing, more to say, unless you thinks there is perhaps a deeper meaning.. ?????

Sexy Feet Under - This is the fastest song on this album and my favourite to play live. The lyrics are very funny, and quite silly. If you have not guessed it, they are about about a sexy woman's feet, which I find to be oh so tantalizing and erotic... hahahahaha! Also, Sexy Feet Under is also a little word game allusion to that famous Metal Blade band: Six feet Under!!!! We've written about these 'Blood, Guts, & Rock 'N' Roll' type bands before....

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