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Jocke Lundgren comments on each song on the album Born II Rock (2005):


Can't Get Enough - A good opener of the album. Quite easy-listening but still heavy. We wanted much more drums this time so it feels good to open with a heavy hitter.

Regain Your Crown - My personal favorite! One helluva groove in the riff. A refrain that sticks good. The guitar solo is my own little tribute to late Dimebag Darrel. The riff breathe a little Dimebag as well. Power groove…

Look Out - The first single release and video song. Kind of cheesy with a powerful hardrock refrain. Shows a bit more of the commercial side, I guess.

Friend - Another one of my personal favorites on the album. Mike Amott was supposed to do a guest solo. Unfortunately this collided with their mixing of Arch Enemy. Emil Pernblad, flamenco guitarist, is guest instead. It is the wicked idea of Fredrik Nordström, but I think it came out cool as hell. On other notes, Fredrik has now changed name into Fredsvin Grisström. (that is translated into something like Fredswine Pigstream, ström is the same as stream - edit by Thomas)

Born To Rock - Hellfueled's new fight song ha ha!! It probably doesn't need any closer explanation, I think. A crowd-pleaser! Born to rock, simply put... Perhaps it's even the kid on the first album that is born to rock…hmmm.

Old - Classic hardrock with a melodic refrain. I did actually have King Diamond in mind when I did the music. King is the Kong!

Girls Girls - A flirt with classic bands like Mötley Crüe etc. that we grew up with, he he.. Go Ratt!! Nice Top Gun touch on the solo, cheesy!!! haha…

On The Run - A real so called Hellfueled smasher. Pretty fast and intense, tough metal solo. It is originally a song from an early demo from like '99 that no one knows about…

Angel - The so called slow song of the album. Love the solo here as well. The lyrics are Andy's area so I don't dare to say who/what it is about. Perhaps a burning angel in hell? Hope so..he he!

Make It Home - A headbanging song.. The riff is rather Trouble influenced. Also an easy song to scream along to.

I Don't Care - 'The more you hate the more I grow'…good text line in the song, I believe. I feel it ends the album in a good manor to all jealous Swedes, ha ha!!! The swedish mentality when it comes to that is so nice....

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