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Hellfueled - Born II Rock

=Staff's pick

Can't Get Enough*
Regain Your Crown*
Look Out*
Born To Rock*
Girls Girls
On The Run*
Make It Home
I Don't Care

Genre Heavy Metal
Andy Alkman
Tracks 11
Jocke Lundgren
Runningtime 38 Min.
Label Black Lodge
Henke Lönn
Release 24 Oct. 2005
Kent Svensson
Country Sweden
Similar artists Ozzy, Black Label Society

Hellfueled, the band that it is impossible to describe without mentioning Ozzy or Zakk Wylde, are back with their second album. Now they have come to the point when they are about to release the always so difficult second album, and will they be able to deliver yet another high-class album as they did with their debut Volume One?

I you haven't heard Hellfueled before you will have to think of Ozzy and you will have to think of Zakk Wylde. Andy has a voice that is very similar to Ozzy, although it is not as much now as it was earlier. In addition, Jocke on guitar has a playing style that is similar to Zakk Wylde's and by these comparisons you can take a guess on how it sounds. However, there is more to Hellfueled than that, they have a harder and rawer edge and have found their own style somewhere in between Ozzy and Black Label Society. I picked out a few points from what the guys had to say about their new album when I spoke with them at Sweden Rock Festival this summer:

- Metal, is the five letters for this one; it is a sick amount of metal,
They are right about that - it is metal, no compromises here. You get aware of that right from the start but it is not metal to that amount that it is sick.

- The metal button was supposed to have been pushed on the drums.
That is correct, the drums are sounding heavier and more metal if you will.

- The album comes with a bombastic eighties sound and an up to date sound in today's technology, or something like it.
I won't disagree with them there either, the sound of Hellfueled is doubtless rooted in the eighties but sounds fresh and in no way outdated.

- The guys say that they have taking a step forward as a band and that they feel very pleased with their new album. It will be heavier, more melodic and will contain more refrains and also there will be more nuances on this album.
The songs are more varied than on the debut and there are more of melodies to be found, but on the other hand, there are no real highlights. The songs are of a very even standard and hold a high level, with the exception of one or two songs that fall out of frame.

- An album that also will have a more fat sound as well as it will be heavier. If you like the first you will like this one.
A perfect description.

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