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Patrik Johansson comments on each song on the album Evil Is Forever (2005):

Bride Of Christ - This is a fast and powerful tune. The music reminds me a bit of Pretty Maids in their glory days. The lyrics gives you the story of the murder in the village of Knutby in Sweden, where a crazy priest and his right hand, a woman that calls herself "The bride of Christ", turned the people into some kind of zombies in the name of God. It's based on a true story....and this is our version of it!

Time To Rock - A bit of rock'n'roll here. Great riffs with a catchy and powerful chorus! A rock'n'roll-song. Nothing more; nothing less. One of our best live tunes!

Evil Is Forever - The title track is a heavy song. A bit epic. I like it a lot. It deals with the subject of how tv-commercials and shit brainwashes peoples minds: It never ends it seems; it just goes on and on and on! The title came to me one day when I saw an old James Bond-movie with the song "Diamonds are forever". I needed a title to a new song and I said to myself: What the hell.....diamonds aren't forever but EVIL is forever! Hehe!

Lionheart - Yeah, now we're talking. This is THE epic song of the album. Great arrangements, wonderful guitar works and very melodic BUT kind of angry vocals. I read the book "The brothers Lionheart", written by Astrid Lindgren when I was a kid and this song deals with my relations to that book. A great book and a great song!

Praise The Bones - This is, what you in the 80's would have called "The hit song of the album". A rock tune with something you might call fantasy lyrics. If you dig deeper in the lyrics, you will find though, that that's not the case. It's more of a practical joke to all the bands out there influenced by Tolkien and stuff.

Pull The Break - Here you have the raging bull from Borlange Sweden. This song doesn't compromise. It's a fast and furious rocker. Also a great live tune. The follow up to "Burn Down The Wheel" from the first album!

Fear In Their Eyes - A mid tempo and groovy song with a nice, faster mid part. Kind of smooth and soft vocals on the verses and very angry and
mighty on the bridges and choruses. I like to show other sides of my voice now and then. Not just the raw and evil side. On this sucker I give you the full spectra. The lyrics is about the horrible murder of the swedish foreignminister Anna Lindh. Most of the music on this written by axeman Martin Haglund.

Stalingrad - This is the heaviest song on the album with some oriental influences. A Sabbath-kind of tune that brings you from the city of Stalingrad to Gulag, Siberia. It's the story of two men on their way to Gulag. One of them fought at Stalingrad.

From The Cradle To The Grave - The boogie-metal song of the album. A bit of Sabbath's Tony Martin years-style. About suicide and a guy that had big problems to deal with stardom.

The Flame - Hehe! Here we turn into Helloween for a while. No, just kidding, it's only the gitarplaying in the intro that reminds a bit of the things that our German friends use to do. The rest of the song is a pure metal opus. No prisoners taken, just straight forward. The chorus is very much attack, almost like PUNK! Hahaha! Cheers Michael Jackson! This one's about you!

Path To Dilirium - The master track of the album if you ask me. This song includes everything that gets me going: A spooky and beautiful atmosphere; heavy guitar playing; a powerful chorus and many different parts in the song. The longest track as well: 7 minutes. Joachim and Jocke kick some ass on their solo parts. If you're into heavy and epic music: this is the track for you!

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