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~ Written by David, July 2006

Friday - 7th of July

Band: The Haunted
Time: 14.50-15.35

I really wanted to see The Haunted again. It was a couple of years ago and since then they've released rEvolver. But I foolishly thought that twenty-five minutes were enough marginal to get into the festival. I even had hopes of catching the end of opeth. But the accreditation line was standing as still as Lemmy on stage. I don't know if they did DNA tests on the press and guests or what, but it took me 45 minutes to get in and hence I missed half of The Haunted's short set. When travelling a long way on a hot summer day and paying for your ticket, you catch a very bad mood when you miss one of your three main events on the festival. Therefore I couldn't really enjoy The Haunted this time. With the energy they present on stage, you need to be there from the start to get into the whole thing. Especially when they have such short time to play. But Peter Dolving jumped around as crazy as ever and sung/screamed better than I've heard him do before. D.O.A and All Against All almost made my temper melt a little.

(Sorry, no setlist)

7 chalices of 10

Band: Opeth
Time: 20.00-21.00

Opeth's music is not the kind that does itself right in bare evening light on a one-hour festival gig. Their ten minute opuses should be enjoyed in a dark club with unlimited time and no disturbances from heat, thirst and hunger. The movement on stage is minimal. Actually all the photographers in the ditch were just standing and waiting for something to happen at first. For a while a couple of band members even stood with their backs against the crowd. Even Mikael Åkerfeldts talking is slow and soft, to further put the audience in a strange, sleepy mood. Not bad, not bad at all, but on the wrong place at the wrong time.

(Sorry, no setlist)

5 chalices of 10

Band: Motörhead
Time: 21.10-22.20

Motörhead is Motörhead. No more, no less. You know what you get - and you want it. All the songs in this set were played the last two times I've seen Motörhead, in Stockholm 2004 and at Sweden Rock Festival 2005. The only difference was that this set was somewhat shorter, as usual on Metaltown. Surprises are not in the world of Motörhead. Lemmy still seemed to think that he chocks the crowd by playing a couple of tracks from Another Perfect Day. But after two years, you get used to that to. But all that matters little. When I just read the setlist I want to be there again. Motörhead is simply one of very few bands that you never get enough of. It's impossible. You could see them every other day and still want more. Actually I went to Metaltown this year mainly for seeing Motörhead - again.

Talking of Another Perfect Day, you almost feel sorry for Phil Campbell when he has to try to play Brian Robertson's solos on I Got Mine and Dancing On Your Grave. A role that he cannot master. When the fire started to spout on stage it added a visual dimension. Also when Danko Jones and Moa Holmsten (Meldrum) did a guest appearance in Killed By Death the show took some steps forward. If Motörhead needs anything to reach perfection it should be just that, something to look at, besides Lemmy's classical pose and Mikkey Dee's waving hair. Someone who goes wild on stage. Phil is a bit too stiff in his cap. By the way, did he really need that on one of the hottest evenings on this incredible Swedish summer? Anyway, Lemmy seemed to be in a good mood. Nevermind that his comments were as predictable as the setlist. Best was the variation in the triple: Sacrifice, Just 'Cos You Got The Power and Going To Brazil.


Doctor Rock
Stay Clean
Love Me Like A Reptile
Over The Top
I Got Mine
In The Name Of Tragedy
Dancing On Your Grave
Just 'Cos You Got The Power
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death
Ace Of Spades

7 chalices of 10


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