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Interview conducted April 01 2014
Interview published April 22 2014

Heavy Metal never dies, and to prove this, with the united forces of rage, Iron Savior have just released their new battering ramification: 'Rise Of The Hero'. With a burning heart, I recently spoke with founding member and iron warrior - Piet Sielck. With me, this H.M. Powered man was willing to discuss his whole career, and the tales of the bold titans of our time. Still I believe in the no guts, no glory motto, so are you ready to read on...

MettleAngel: Hey Brother, I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am really enjoying the new album. Even as you SKYPE me, I am playing "The Demon" on my iPod. I know this sounds cliche', but it sure does remind me of Judas Priest - "Beyond The Relams Of Death", and to a certain extent "Music Power" by Oxym, who I discovered thanks to Roxxcalibur.

Piet: What can I say? I love Priest, and the similarities are defintely there.

MettleAngel: I assume "The Demon" is a form of personification and not to be construed in an evil sense?

Piet: Exactly, it is very personal for me. Let us just say I have "seen" the Demon.

MettleAngel: I understand the tragedy you underwent when your borther passed. Tim died in 2005, almost a decade ago. You dedicated 'Megatropolis' to him, and then your label Dockyard 1 Records also collapsed, so I can only imagine what the "Demon" mans to you.

Piet: Yes it has a two-fold interpretation, not so much supenatural, but very real and haunting in my life.

MettleAngel: Say no more, I get the notion. I know you were also heavily involved with Savage Circus, and I think that is why some of the Iron Savior albums were not as strong, but 'The Landing' was a great comeback, and the new album is your best in well over a decade. The title truly fits.

Piet: Thank You. Yeah, Savage Circus is kind of on hold for now. Thomen may still have some plans, but he has not included me.

MettleAngel: Persuader just released a new album as well. I have to admit when I first heard "Burning Heart", I thought it was the weakest track on the new album. Then I saw the video and laughed, and now I really enjoy singing the song.

Piet: Yeah, you cannot expect us to be serious, and it was accidental, but perhaps serendipitous that I got caught at that traffic light while singing the second verse.

MettleAngel: I have been recommending the album to everyone; especially the fast track "Thunder From The Mountains". That song reminds me of when you helped write music which would later appear on 'Walls Of Jericho' by Helloween.

Piet: Well, I will be turning 50 next year, so I want to show that I can still play 180 B.P.M., right!

MettleAngel: You achieved that! Back before the Internet was such a handy tool I bought 'The Reaper' by Grave Digger which you produced, but I was not aware that you had been involved in bands previously with Kai Hansen.

Piet: You mean Gentry and Second Hell?

MettleAngel: Yes, matter of fact I heard that you actually wrote my all time favorite Helloween song 'Phantoms Of Death", which you later covered.

Piet: I did indeed! I also wrote 'Metal Invaders". In fact, I think I was playing Judas Priest - "You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise" and some Van Halen when I came up with those riffs. We were 15 so the lyrics are a bit silly, do you not think?

MettleAngel: I love the lyrics. Wow, I can now hear the Priest parts in my head!

Piet: Yeah we just sped up the time signatures.

MettleAngel: You also cover "Gorgar", so I assume you wrote that?

Piet: Yeah, there was this crazy pinball game back then which inspired us.

MettleAngel: I know the game. I used to play Space Invaders at a Model Shop when I was akid. They also had Gorgar. The monster looked like the Kreator mascot.

Piet: Wow, I have not talked to someone in America who actually played and is familair with the game.

MettleAngel: Speaking of covers, I really dug the Seal rendition, but I am not familiar with the "Dance With Somebody" Mando Diao song.

Piet: This was a real popular Swedish hit here on Top 40. I considered it for a Japanese bonus track. Then in the studio it began to click. At a party after a copule of beers I decided to go ahead and include it on the album. I am a non-conformist so I like to shake things up a bit.

MettleAngel: I noticed that yoou have been re-recording some classic cuts as Japanese bonus tracks. I always enjoy obscure covers or non-metal ones. Chuck Billy just released "Thriller" on the Michael Jackson Tribute. Gamma Ray did an excellent job with The Pet Shop Boys. Edguy are doing Falco. If it works, then do it.

Piet: I am glad you see it this way. In Germany, we are more traditional and do not like change.

MettleAngel: Paragon represented Backstreet Boys, and they are German. Tankard honored "Centerfold" by J.Geils Band.

Piet: I understand, but our fans just want us to stick to the formula for which we are best known.

MettleAngel: The new album proves that! You came to the U.S.A. for Prog Power a few years ago, is there a chance you will be visiting the States again sometime soon?

Piet: I would realy love that. I really appreciate the atmosphere of Prog Power.

MettleAngel: You visited with Savage Circus too, sadly I missed it live, but I watched the DVD.

Piet: We would love to return to America if they want us. It would be great to meet with you in person. I have really enjoyed our conversation. I always celebrate speaking about my past.

MettleAngel: Well it has been a real honor for me as well. Thank You!

Piet: Thank you for all the years of support!

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