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Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero

Published February 28 2014

=Staff's pick

Last Hero
Revenge Of The Bride*
From Far Beyond Time
Burning Heart*
Thunder From The Mountains*
Iron Warrior
Dragon King
Dance With Somebody
The Demon

Genre Heavy/Power Metal
Piet Sielck
Tracks 12
Piet Sielck
Running time 55 Min.
Joachim "Piesel" Küstner
Label AFM Records
Jan S. Eckert
Release 28 February 2014
Thomas Nack
Country Germany
Producer Piet Sielck w/ Iron Savior
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Long running German power metallers Iron Savior returns with an intact lineup, a little more than two years past the band's last effort, The Landing. Boosted by former Helloween and current Gamma Ray guitarist and vocalist Kai Hansen and by former Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch's participations early on, this band rapidly took its place on the metal scene, although it to me personally seemed more like a project initially.

Piet Sielck and his now present unit are able to connect to catchy parts with rather speedy power metal including incisive and nifty guitar plays, decisive soloing and harmonies, backed by massive metal riffs, a balanced bass play and solid drums. This approach has through the years mainly been the fundamental nature of Iron Savior and the band seems to have no ambitions or no intentions to compromise from its history and therefore this album's outcome pretty much solidifies the position that this outfit established seventeen years ago with its self titled debut album.

After listening to this record at least a dozen times and most likely a few more, I think that this music as a package may be viewed as a little repetitive and monotonous, although each song itself includes variation and its own identity. The lion's share is essentially based on vital speed and this is in particular highly valid during the album's first half, where fast songs succeed each other like a blatant storm one by one.

The second half has songs that clearly diverges from the band's active template though and those different outcomes absolutely enhance the diversity on Rise Of The Hero. The mid-tempo track Iron Warrior and the heavier Dragon King both break the ice down to a slower tempo. Likewise do the ballad The Demon, that makes me think of Judas Priest's Blood Red Skies, and finally also the Mando Diao cover Dance With Somebody, which is a song filled by evident pop rhythms and is in my aspect somewhat excessive as a whole, although I still like this version.

It's fast, intense and energetic, but still they are able to come out with captivating songs. Definitely not a pioneering experience whatsoever, yet we're handed a substantial and productive effort in the distinct Iron Savior vein. Sielck's voice is still doing all right and most things somehow find ways to prosper into a favorable state. A potent outcome that shows that the band's ability to create solid power metal is still legitimate.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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