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Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle - Whisky Fingers

Published November 29 2015

=Staff's pick

Trapped In Paradise*
Heartbreaking Woman
Watch And Wait (I Got My Eye On You)
Medicine Man
The Day The Walls Came Down*
Heart Of Stone*
Straight Shooter
The Rhythm Of My Heart
Devil Takes Me Down
5 O'Clock
Been Said And Done*

Genre Hard Rock
David Readman
Tracks 11
Alex Beyrodt
Running time 50 Min.
Label AFM Records
Mat Sinner
Release November 27, 2015
Francesco Jovino
Country Germany/Italy/England
Alessandro Del Vecchio
Producer -
Similar artists ---

Additional vocals by Alessandro Del Vecchio.

Whisky Fingers is the 4th record from Alex Beyrodt and his Voodoo Circle and the similarities with Whitesnake's 80's stuff are still evident and so are the strong influences of the 70's as well, where my thoughts draw pretty close to what Deep Purple partly achieved back then. Besides being a hell of a lot more fresh in terms of the total production, I think that the most notable difference is that the result of this album is much greater than what the originals are able to put out in this day and age.

The record contains a lot of elements from those above mentioned time periods, like for example the Hammond organ, nice and emotional guitar solos, the way the songs are built and also being somewhat influenced by blues music. David Readman's voice is very fitting to this kind of music. He has an impassioned tone of voice and his performance is just as pivotal as all the other great stuff. The rest of the band, I think, needs no introduction, because all these guys have contributed to lots of records before and this entity is possibly the closest that you can get to being called a supergroup without being one.

In comparison to the previous record, the amazing More Than One Way Home, it's basically the same type of stuff that's coming out again, just in slightly different shapes. They really stand tight on their solid foundations and they play it safe from start to finish almost. Throughout the record there's kind of a thread that attracts me and although this piece of music doesn't crush on a large scale completely, it certainly contains plenty of exciting guitar playing, groovy and/or precise melodies and the songs overall are quite intriguing and just like its predecessor, it's in the end a very good record.

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