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Voodoo Circle - More Than One Way Home

Published February 16 2013

=Staff's pick

Graveyard City
Tears In The Rain
Heart Of Babylon
Cry For Love
The Ghost In Your Heart*
Bane Of My Existence
More Than One Way Home
The Killer In You*
The Saint And The Sinner*
Victim Of Love
Open Your Eyes*

Genre Hard Rock
David Readman
Tracks 12
Alex Beyrodt
Running time 54 Min.
Label AFM Records
Mat Sinner
Release 22 February 2013
Markus Kullmann
Country Germany
Jimmy Kresic
Producer Alex Beyrodt, Mat Sinner
Similar artists Whitesnake

Third album from Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle, who plays hard rock with elements of heavy metal in the footsteps of the seventies' and eighties' giants, but with a heavier approach and naturally with a nowadays production, who in my ears is a near flawless match. Since I haven't listened to this band's past work, my initial thoughts were that this is insanely similar to Whitesnake's eighties stuff. David Readman sounds like David Coverdale did back then, almost copied with high tones at the same certain points and his way of repeating short lines in the lyrics. Add the similarity in these vocalists' voices on many occasions and it would be hard to tell who of them you're listening to.

The awesome guitar play presented here isn't exactly the same as Whitesnake's, but the rhythms and the melodies, and also many of the songs' foundations and build-ups sounds like duplicates. The riffs and licks are passionate, accurate and stunning and I believe Beyrodt is somehow an underrated guitarplayer or presumably not too well known to the metal fans. There no need to describe the rest of the instruments, because you already figured out where this is heading to, so I'll leave that to your own imagination.

The songs are strong almost all through with no fillers. Even the ballad Alissa got its moments and to me that says it all. The album's first video and single was Cry For Love, available February 1st and posted at the end of this review. In my book that selection wasn't the best and a bit of shame. There are so many better songs on More Than One Way Home and I don't think that this song is really representative, because after all, Voodoo Circle rocks harder than what this song shows.

This is a totally awesome album, but unfortunately I can't hand out more than 8 chalices when so much have been done before and the Originality rating is down at a modest 2 chalices. If you're fans to this type of music, I see no reason to not get your hands on this release or at least check this piece of work out. A new Voodoo Circle fan is born in me and I will sure soon listen to their two first records as well.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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