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Trivium - Vengeance Falls

Published October 16 2013

=Staff's pick

Brave This Storm
Vengeance Falls
No Way To Heal*
To Believe
At The End Of This War
Through Blood & Dirt & Bone
Villainy Thrives*
Incineration: The Broken World
Wake (The End Is Nigh)*

Genre Heavy/Thrash Metal
Matt Heafy
Tracks 10
Matt Heafy
Running time 48 Min.
Cory Beaulieu
Label Roadrunner Records
Paolo Gregoletto
Release 14 October 2013
Nick Augusto
Country USA
Producer David Draiman
Similar artists ---

When I have a look back at metal dinosaurs like Iron Maiden and Metallica, to see that each band's record release number 6 was Somewhere In Time and Load respectively, I immediately face Vengeance Falls in a different perspective and I definitely will stop to see Florida metallers Trivium as newcomers, whose sixth effort is probably this unit's overall most consistent album.

With David Draiman of Disturbed, now on hiatus, in the producer's seat, we already in the opening track, Brave This Storm, see his influences in the verse and if you listen close to how Matt Heafy finishes the chorus vocally, you'll find Draiman's prints all over it. I'm not trying to mislead you though, since it's definitely still Trivium that's behind the actual music whereas named producer's influence seems significantly less. Draiman's input seems to have focused mainly on how he could push Heafy to challenge himself behind the mic.

The songs all throughout the record are somewhat similar to the next one, although when listening to them each by each they seem varied within themselves. Naturally the songs are pretty fast and captivating, Trivium style. It's up-to-date thrash oozing heavy metal with lots of killer riffs and impressively accurate guitar plays that rip like lightning bolts, backed by powerful drums from Augusto to fill the few voids.

The foundations of the record pretty much span over most of the band's career, yet with fewer screams than on some predecessors. The last time they approached a smoother style vocally, they nearly were spitted at. Therefore the screams are still present, yet with a slightly more moderate appearance.

If you're a fan of Trivium's past work, I see no reason to not check this new release out. There's no doubt in my mind, you'll enjoy it, although perhaps not as much as I do. The songs are all on a high level with no significant dips and therefore I hand out 8 chalices to Vengeance Falls.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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