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Trivium - In Waves

Published August 02 2011

=Staff's pick

Capsizing The Sea
In Waves*
Inception Of The End
Dusk Dismantled
Watch The World Burn*
A Skyline's Severance
Built To Fall
Caustic Are The Ties That Bind
Forsake Not The Dream
Chaos Reigns
Of All These Yesterdays
Leaving This World Behind

Genre Thrash Metal
M. Heafy/C. Beaulieu
Tracks 13
Matt Heafy
Running time 51 Min.
Corey Beaulieu
Label Roadrunner Records
Paolo Gregoletto
Release 10 August 2011
Nick Augusto
Country USA
Producer Colin Richardson/Martyn Ford
Similar artists Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine

Florida thrashers Trivium is back with their fifth full length studio album, almost three years from their September 2008 release, Shogun. Once again Colin Richardson is involved. This time as a producer with the help of Martyn Ford. This is also the first album with latest contribution, drummer Nick Augusto, the band's former drum tech. Trivium is now in a critical period of their career. They are still a group of young men, but this album will probably prove if Trivium has the strength to be on top with the big names or if they will stay in this position where they are at right now. One or two steps from the top.

Trivium's thrash metal with clean vocals and growl is still present on this new release. The riffs are there as well and so is the pounding on the drums. From what I can hear, there's not much difference on this album comparing to the albums Shogun and Ascendancy, yet it feels like the new songs haven't been written before, which is not common when a change in style is not evident.

This album opens up with an intro, followed by the strongest song on this release, the title track In Waves. A song which was released as the first single in late May and will be a future classic for sure. It has all the ingredients a thrash song needs. All from the heavy start, to the fast and clean sung verses followed by the growling in the choruses. Like stated above though, a lot of the songs sounds like Trivium's known for, so there is no need to go through and break up every single song into pieces. We however get a ballad called Of All These Yesterdays, which shows that this band has talent and that lead singer Matt can pull off songs like that.

If you like this band's past efforts, I'm sure you will like this one as well. If you haven't listened to Trivium before, there is a fair chance you will after you have heard this album. Whether this album will give some answers to my initial question regarding the greatness and what's to come for Trivium, time will tell.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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