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H.O.D. - Surge Kill Steal

Published October 01 2009

=Staff's pick

Enter Titanus
Let's Go Apeshit*
The Iron Matron
Deadly Wheels Of Steel
Helm's Deep*
Stairway To Hell Stormbringers
The King Of Sweden*
Two Glass Eyez
Mole In The Ocean*
Second Opinion (Quincy Theme)

Genre Thrash Metal
Dave Livett
Tracks 12
Stephen Bratt
Runningtime 42 Min.
Stuart Pendergast
Label Self Released
Kevin Fleming
Release 09 September 2009
Shak Raza
Country England
Similar artists Anthrax, 3 Inches Of Blood, Annihilator

Only 18 months after Cheshire's H.O.D.s metal soaked debut - 'Beer, Bitches, Blood' - drenched the senses, along comes the ear piercing - 'Surge, Kill, Steal'. I encourage you to tune in, remain ever patient, and soon you will become a permanent resident to the Hospital Of Death!

This is such a clever name, for such an accomplished effort. Given its pure metallic quality, I am surprised they did not dub it - 'Surge, Kill, Steel' - which has a glistening shimmer resonating; but then again, the consistent verbs allow for a more personified description. After all, the music will truly surge inside you, as it kills brain cells, and steals your soul! I now understand why their previous outing was characterized and beset by alliteration.

Once again, the munificent H.O.D. are freely dispensing the music with a generous legal downloadable version made accessible to all interested parties. They have also made available an official CD, replete with booklet, lyrics, and photos, for a very reasonable price.

As with their debut, the white lightning, thrash intensity increases, as does the ribald tongue-in-cheek lyrical stance. Sometimes musically, and vocally I am reminded of the milked silliness and uncommon sense of humour from Brazil's Massacration: a faux metal gathering.

Overall, I experience a serious classic thrash attitude honoring Nuclear Assault, Overkill, Testament, and a whole host of US Titans. There is also like-minded tribute paid to Tankard, and other beer swilling entities. Fans of Hyades, Fatality, and F.K.Ü. will journey with H.O.D. where other moshers dare to dwell.

The "Big Four" are definitely praised with a loyal following for Metallica's -'Ride The Lightning', Megadeth's - 'So Far, So Good...So What' / 'Rust In Peace', as well as Anthrax's - 'Among The Living' - ever insinuated.

Rev D. still emulates Joey Belladonna, with a glint and hint of Shadows Falls Brian Fair's warning cry (when he sings super clean). All that is holding up the "Big Four" Tour is Anthrax awaiting a vocalist...Hello Brian Fair! Although, I am sure Dave Livett would accept the curt offering.

The cruhing encephalitic opener - "Enter Titanus" - is a phallic fallacy full of made up terms, and caustic catachresis, which somehow fit in to the whole technotronic collosal mass thrusting motif.

The pissup plenitudes of the opus - 'Let's Go Apeshit' - sum it all up, verily, as you accept the H.O.D. wrecking crew when they are living for the night. Join them on their merry way as these storm dreamers prepare for another debauched, lust filled metal outing with no ullage of beer, blunts, bitches, babes, and bloody memories, ever regretting the mourning after.

Then if slowing down were even an option, these ratted, tattered, and torn Saxons of the fire stoke and pay homage to Judge Dredd and other notorious cyborgs who are riding - 'Deadly Wheels Of Steel'.

The Mad Martha Splatterhead meets nurse Ratchet Hatchet Queen known as - 'The Iron Matron' - seals your doom, ensuring well shorn balls out fun until you are left brain dead. The zombie attack of - "Stairway To Hell" - like once you're bit, - "Ooh That's It" - rages with pure zombie lust, offset by searing emotional solos. The blood feast meat party of - "Nightbeast" - like Anthrax, is sure to be spreading the disease forevermore.

Continuing their adulation for Tolkein, and role playing fantasy games, like with 'Hogs Of War', we have - 'Helm's Deep' - a retelling of the famous battle from The Two Towers. 3 Inches Of Blood enthusiasts will truly appreciate this song, as will those metal minds who raise their fist with Razor Fist. I highly recommend checking out Razor Fist, who just released their new album on Pure Steel Records.

The Big Trouble In Little China inspired - "Stormbringers" - will placate Municipal Waste dumpsterheads, and this is no horse shit! Here, all those who really think that Mr. Mustaine is born again into thrash metal, should peer with another eye open, deep into the tornado, and check out the lead work of Stuart Pendergast (who I am thankful for sending me the lyrics!), and the guitar wizardry of Stephen Bratt.

I assume Yngwie Malmsteen is the perpetual flame and alchemical source behind the risibly ridiculous, but heavily arpeggiated declaration to the self-made-god, who when he unleashes his fury and attack! upon his excoriators, only serves to encumber more wrath.

The Annihilator tinged - 'Two Glass Eyez"- beams with traditional metal pirated anthems, and nautical sentiments, as these rummy raiders, and booze crusaders raid another galley of the grotesque.

The 'Thrash Now, Work Later" aspect of the peculiar closer, titled - 'Mole In The Ocean" - is all about how in union we stand; since, "we are guided by the light of true metal", because, "the majesty of metal can combine us all!" With this forceful mettle vibe, I totally agree, and dutifully concur!

The odd instrumental - "Second Opinion" - finishes the album. This medicinal message is essentially the opening theme music to Jack Klugman's (Oscar Madison) TV Show - "Quincy". I never did swallow the chill pill that was the '80s drama, but the music is cool, and quite a contrast from the more than meets the eye rendition of "Transformers".

So, with sirens wailing, and victims screaming for vengeance, even if you fear the Amulance, I bid thee to enter the Hospital Of Death! C'mon let's all go apeshit!

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