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H.O.D. - Beer, Bitches, Blood

Published October 12 2008

=Staff's pick

Enter The Hospital Of Death (Intro)
Down That Hatch
I Am The Tiger
Eyezerbeams Of Osiris*
Hogs Of War*
Kicked To The Kerb
We Go Together*
Death Shed*
Fear The Ambulance
Ohh, That's It
Transformers Theme (Lion Cover)*
White The Lightening

Genre Speed/Thrash Metal
Dave Livett
Tracks 12
Stephen Bratt
Runningtime 42 Min.
Stuart Pendergast
Label Self Released
Kevin Fleming
Release 07 January 2008
Shak Raza
Country England
Similar artists Anthrax, Mortal Sin, Gama Bomb

With an eyegazing title like Beer, Bitches, Blood, one knows he's in for a real metal feast. Cheshire's Hospital Of Death are another relatively unknown British thrash act, with promise and character. These hogs of war kick ass, and curb your youth pessimism. Their CD can be downloaded for free at their My Space, and I highly recommend you check them out if you celebrate classic Power Metal/Thrash with a sense of humour, but sincere musicianship.

The band which H.O.D. most resemble is clearly Anthrax in the '80s; especially the Spreading The Disease/Armed And Dangerous/Among The Living era. Vocalist Dave Livett is a deadringer for Joey Belladonna. I am also reminded of Australia's Mortal Sin whose album - Face Of Despair is a must own. Livett's pitch also resonates like Matt Maurer's tone.

One other band that springs to mind, but may be obscure, is the punk influenced L.A.'s Wasted Youth, whose Black Daze album on GWR never really received the praise it merited. I discovered this band from the awesome Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Soundtrack, which also featured Death Angel, Sacred Reich, Hurricane, MX Machine, and, of course, Lääz Rockit. Wasted Youth's bassist - Dave Kushner, went on to play in Velvet Revolver.

H.O.D., like their compatriots in Gama Bomb, seldom take themselves too seriously. Notice how each song has a pun additive nature: 'I Am The Tiger' ('Eye Of The Tiger'), 'White The Lightning' ('Ride The Lightning'), you get the idea. The lyrics are hilarious too. Only a song like 'Death Shed', a reference to The Punisher Comics, is straightforward subject matter. The rest of the cuts are pure silliness; nevertheless, they remain well-wriiten songs with wit, bite, and insight.

'We Go Together' has that sappy love ballad quality, but it is still whimsical. The highlight of the album is their searing translation of Lion's 'Transformers Theme' from the original cartoon. The Transformers soundtrack is quite good, and this song deserves the optimum prime metal touch. After speaking with Obsidian and Wizziac from Keep of Kalessin, apparently their thrash side-project - Headspin is also working on a Transformers cover, this should be mega traumatic!

The white heat, renting, hard guitar strking of Stephen Bratt, consulting with Stuart Pendergast's blitzkrieg seduction, rings with a fixed cerebral totality. This death shred, melded with the flaming rhythm machine of Kevin and Shak Attack, allows for a sensational onslaught of grim repercussions.

Well, that's it in an eggshell, and since they are giving this away, snatch the tracks, for he who hesitates is lost. Once you hear it, tell a friend, contact the band, and send your appreciation for their munificence; then play it loud at your local pub! I tip my tankard with a toast, "Here's to the bitchin' bloodstock of H.O.D., down the hatch!"

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