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Magnum - Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies

Published February 21 2016

=Staff's pick

Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies*
Crazy Old Mothers
Gypsy Queen
Princess In Rags (The Cult)
Your Dreams Won't Die
Afraid Of The Night
A Forgotten Conversation*
Quiet Rhapsody
Twelve Men Wise And Just*
Don't Cry Baby*

Genre Melodic Hard Rock
Bob Catley
Tracks 10
Tony Clarkin
Running time 54 Min.
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Al Barrow
Release February 26, 2016
Harry James
Country England
Mark Stanway
Producer -
Similar artists ---

The British veterans Magnum generally perform melodic hard rock that kind of comes out as the older man's type of heavier music, because in my eyes this approach basically targets people that has been walking this planet's surface for a long time. Of course younger people might like this type of music as well, but my common sense and the actual reality, if you take a look at their audience in a live environment, tell me that this stuff is not the first thing youngsters of today pick up when they're searching for great and challenging musical entertainment.

The band continues its, at this point, long journey with pretty much the same style as they've done for quite a while now, hence this album as a whole naturally doesn't contain any noteworthy changes in direction and, without being condescending, it feels like this work sort of could have been a part 2 to just about any of their most previous releases. They probably have no greater ambition for growth or significant progress musically anymore though, but I believe that fans to this unit still wouldn't want these guys to kind of differentiate their present too much from their past either.

It's anyway still good music that's being delivered, so there's really no trouble to absorb the major part of what the boys keep coming out with. The band has in its past frequently had a nice swing in the music and unsurprisingly this new effort doesn't particularly deviate from that path either. Most of the time the songs basically end up in mid-tempo, even if they of course go in a different direction with a ballad occasionally. This is in the end a quite solid piece of music and I hadn't really expected anything else, because Magnum still to this present day seems to know what usually goes down well with its crowd.

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