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Paperback Freud - Raise It Up To The Flagpole

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Raise It Up To The Flagpole*
Bigger Than God

Genre Hard Rock 'n' Roll
Jake The Snake
Tracks 2
Runningtime 6 Min.
Label Plug Or Die
Release 22 March 2006
Country Sweden
Similar artists Backyard Babies, early D:A:D, AC/DC

Paperback Freud, a hard working band from Stockholm, Sweden is getting ready to release their debut album and as a teaser they are releasing the single Raise It Up To The Flagpole. Even though this is a new band and have yet to release an album, they've already had a video played on MTV during last year. The video was for the track Kate, a song that also was picked up by a few radio stations, although it has passed me by.

The music we are dealing with here is raw and dirty rock 'n' roll of the 'play it loud' kind that comes with an attitude. First of the two tracks is the title track Raise It Up To The Flagpole that has some obvious AC/DC vibes of the Bon Scott era in it . A raw and dirty track with high intensity and with some classic fuelled rock 'n' rolls guitars. Short, fast and intense hard rock and to be put somewhere between AC/DC and Danko Jones.

Second and last track Bigger Than God is less on the intensity and a more melodic song even if it is still in the raw and dirty vein. With the guitars and the vocals from Jake The Snake (seriously guys, you need to work on your stage-names) make the song very reminiscent in style with the early works from D:A:D.

What Paperback Freud provide on their single is not something that I prefer to listen to on an album at home. This kind of music rarely gets any better than just ok and I like the music to have some more substance. However, play this album after a bunch of beers or put the band on a stage in front of me when I am under the influence and I am going to love it.

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5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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