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Adrenaline Mob - Men Of Honor

Published February 17 2014

=Staff's pick

Mob Is Back
Come On Get Up
Dearly Departed*
Behind These Eyes
Let It Go
Feel The Adrenaline
Men Of Honor
Crystal Clear
House Of Lies*
Judgment Day
Fallin' The Pieces

Genre Heavy Metal
Russell Allen
Tracks 11
Mike Orlando
Running time 52 Min.
Label Century Media
John Moyer
Release 18 February 2014
A.J. Pero
Country USA
Producer Adrenaline Mob
Similar artists ---

European street date: February 24th.

Adrenaline Mob's second album shows a few line-up changes. Bass player John Moyer of Disturbed was added to the ranks soon after the recordings of the band's full length debut Omertà and is naturally a full-time member by now and unsurprisingly I must say, famed and restless drummer Mike Portnoy, formerly of progressive metallers Dream Theater, announced his departure during 2013 and by that later left room for Twisted Sister's A.J. Pero to fill the void.

If you're looking for overall technical completeness and for musical perfection, this last thing is a natural disadvantage. Without a doubt, almost every single replacement in the known world have trouble to fulfill Portnoy's duties. Still Pero's doing a solid work, totally different in style when looking at his history with his main band and I believe his presence makes this album a little rougher and it also creates a more hardened approach that differs from this new outfit's early chapters.

Cool, propulsive riffs from Mike Orlando succeed each other and lead singer Russell Allen's voice is absolutely still something to reckon with. The band hits hard with heavy modern appearances that connect to strong fluent songs. A pair of obligatory ballads or semi-ballads break the metal image, yet without a loss of the validity of the distinct and determined momentum that explodes in the very first seconds of the album. Most songs from this unit seem to find a path to satisfy my appetite and I like the way they channel the way to create captivating moments.

This release is perhaps a little too evenly built all through, when it comes to the term of the song's high capacity. I find almost no definite standout peaks, nor does it include any weaker sections or anything that could be called fillers. When I'm listening to this deal, it's like there's no songs that make me shout out loud in massive bliss and there's also no songs that I feel should have been left as demos or simply just as fragments of ideas. In the end, it's a good and somewhat varied record nevertheless and I will definitely give this one more time along the road.

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