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Hate Eternal - |, Monarch

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Two Demons*
Behold Judas
The Victorious Reign*
To Know Our Enemies
I, Monarch*
Path To The Eternal Gods
The Plague Of Humanity
It Is Our Will*
Sons Of Darkness
Faceless One

Genre Death Metal
Erik Rutan
Tracks 10
Erik Rutan
Runningtime 42 Min.
Label Earache
Randy Piro
Release 27 June 2005
Derek Roddy
Country USA
Similar artists Morbid Angel

I, Monarch is the third album from US Death Metal act Hate Eternal and all weak hearted people are now being warned. Hate Eternal with Erik Rutan in front have sharpened there knives and polished their armour in order to give us I, Monarch. Recorded and mixed by Rutan himself at his own Mana Studios, Tampa FL.

I, Monarch kick off at highest speed and intensity. No compromises, just full speed and attack from the first tune. The sound that has become a trademark for Hate Eternal, the demented solos and guitar melodies, strikes the listener directly. Everything falls to the right place at once as the first track Two Demons roars out of the speakers. I can't help wondering what's going on in the mind of the musical author. Death metal in its most complex and twisted form without being boring or progressive.

Take the patented weird solos of Tray Azagthoth from Morbid Angel and add even more intellect, or perhaps insanity which is a more right word. Then you make the structures to riffs and major melodies. The result could very well be heard on I, Monarch. Well, this is all mentioned in a most positive way. Hate Eternal are torrential torment in audio, nothing else. This is by the way also mentioned in a strictly positive way.

It's easy to forget that Hate Eternal consists of three extremely talented musicians. The monumental guitar works wouldn't be what it is without the skill of Derek Roddy on drums or Randy Piro on bass. Massive arrangements can be heard on songs like Behold Judas, the title track and The Plague Of Humanity. The extreme It Is Our Will, can it be harder? Well, I don't see the point in analyzing the music further simply cause it's over my head and understanding. I can only sit back and enjoy it.

Musically there isn't much to complain about. What I miss is perhaps more diversity in the vocals and also the production could be cleaner. But who cares? Perhaps I, Monarch won't be the album of the year but it's certainly an energy kick that will last very long. The Florida style at its best.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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