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Enemies Swe - Enemy

=Staff's pick

Is It My Body

Genre Sleaze
Rickard Andersson
Tracks 2
Andreas Larsson
Runningtime 6 Min.
Simon Karlsson
Label Plug or Die
Daniel Bivesjö
Release 28 May 2004
Marco Siila
Country Sweden
Similar artists Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstars

The first single from new Swedish band Enemies Swe hits you with an attitude and contains a great deal of hit-potential. They follow in the tradition of American sleaze rock from the end of the eighties and the early nineties with bands like Guns n' Roses, Faster Pussycat and Mötley Crüe. And they also goes along in the same modern vein that their Swedish colleagues in Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstars does, but this is more close to the original in my opinion.

The track Enemy is a melodic and catchy little tune that you only need to listen to once before it gets stuck in your mind. The track starts with a heavy riff and angry vocals in the verse, yet with a melodic sense. Then it is quick to the chorus that is melodic, catchy and also powerful. It is simply a straight in your face rock 'n' roll tune without any attempts to make it anything else.

It is not really my kind of favorite music these days but this one sticks in my mind, countless times I have caught myself humming on the refrain, so it is catchy without a doubt. Carries on in the same tradition of modern sleaze following the trend set in at least Sweden by Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstars but with one major difference, Enemies Swe sound much more mature and with a "cleaner" sound. Those are two important factors that make me like Enemies Swe in genre that I'm not that fond of otherwise. Their sound can even be traced back to the glory days of Shotgun Messiah.

One thing that speaks against Enemies Swe in my opinion is that is to too adjusted and polished, as it were meant to be a radio/video hit. As it takes away a bit of that raw sense you would wish from this kind of music. But when the full-length album is going to be released I will be surprised if Enemies Swe isn't heard about when the time comes in August. They have enough of quality and hard rock in them to appeal to the hard rock crowd and as well they are just enough harmlessly dangerous enough to attract the younger video generation.

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7 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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