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Enemies Swe - Behind Enemy Lines

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Elvis In Brooklyn*
Glam Star Cabaret
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Genre Sleaze
Rickard Andersson
Tracks 11
Andreas Lagerin
Runningtime 44 Min.
Simon Karlsson
Label Plug or Die
Daniel "Bevis" Bivesjö
Release 20 August 2004
Marco Siila
Country Sweden
Similar artists Backyard Babies, Guns'n'Roses

Behind Enemy Lines is the full-length debut from Swedish newcomers in Enemies Swe and if you have paid attention you might have seen the video for the track Enemy released earlier as a single. The enemies play classic sleaze rock with a fresh feeling and Guns'n'Roses seem to be a big inspiration, as well as they are moving within the vein of the same traditional modern dirty hard rock as fellow countrymen in Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstars.

Their debut proves that there actually was more to them than just the single release with Enemy that still is just as good as the first time I heard it. That track is both melodic and catchy and has easy to get stuck in your mind, just like several other tracks that goes in the same great way as straight in your face rock 'n' roll tunes on Behind Enemy Lines. Like with the opener Powertrain that has an up-tempo beat and the title is actually very suitable on this track with its head-on and full-force attitude.

But just as there is highlights on the album there are also some really dim lights. Much of the material could have used a bit or much more work. And not least with the lyrics that are a bit to easy and sometimes almost pathetic, more verses and longer songs is my recommendation. It is as if the songs are done only half way through and not completed, left in need of more work and attention. But the great attitude is in the right place and they do not make excuses for themselves. Further it sounds like they should be a damn good live act, at least that's the feeling you get while listening.

Enemies Swe comes around with a lot of kick ass and with a in your face attitude but they really are in the need of developing their songwriting skills. The simple structure of the songs tends to become to simple and then the attitude and dirty hard rock approach is not enough to save the day.
As always there is one exception, Back With The Bullets that is purely in the vein of AC/DC. At this point the simple structure of the song feels pretty nice, the groove and beer drinking factor that comes out of this one saves it from falling under like many of the other songs.

Although Enemies Swe might not be my favorite kind of band, I actually enjoy this album, best in small doses though, and it is good enough that I think you might be hearing about them in a near future.This kind of album is the kind that varies on how good it is depending on the mood you are while listening to it. But if you are looking for metal that is challenging to the ear, this is not it. But if you looking for something to swallow down with the beers, Enemies Swe is definitely it.

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6 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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