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Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent

Published March 30 2013

=Staff's pick

The Hell In Me
Beyond The Flames
New Awakening
In Due Time
A Tribute To The Fallen*
The Turning Point
All That We Have
You Don't Bleed For Me
The Call*
No End In Sight
Time Will Not Remain*

Genre Metal
Jesse Leach
Tracks 12
Adam Dutkiewicz
Running time 41 Min.
Joel Stroetzel
Label Roadrunner Records
Mike D'Antonio
Release 02 April 2013
Justin Foley
Country USA
Producer Adam Dutkiewicz
Similar artists Five Finger Death Punch

With lead singer Jesse Leach back in the ranks, Killswitch Engage have had some well deserved publicity since the announcement of his return in January last year. My instant thought back then was that they were probably going to try to take a few steps back without departed vocalist Howard Jones, more similar to Leach's latest album and the first choice to many fans, Alive Or Just Breathing from 2002.

In my ears Leach's and Jones' voices don't differ that much and I'm dead certain that this band wants to forget their latest and self titled album and would for sure have returned to an earlier sound, with or without a singer swap. I mean, they didn't play anything live off it when I saw them last summer and now with Leach's return, this gives the band an excuse to erase every thought of it.

So what about the new release, Disarm The Descent? Well, it's Killswitch Engage all right. For us long time fans, this is more closer to the sound we're looking for. To be sincere though, Killswitch Engage never was one of those bands significantly changing their music from one record to next. Buy one of their albums and you're pretty sure what you'll get. If you're looking for major varieties, this band wouldn't be your first choice.

It's not that they've written a couple of songs back in the day and just complete them with different lyrics over the years, but to people not that familiar with this band, many songs must seem resemblant. The rhythms, the vocals and the songs' basics and beats are all somehow reminiscent to their past work. Aggressive, heavy verses often with raging vocals and choruses with predominantly clean singing, as well as a noticeable lead guitar play with harmony parts and stylish licks all throughout the songs.

Perhaps the fans have much exaggerated expectations just because of Jesse's return. I really can't see the point in that, because he only did one great album on his first round and he's not here to bring salvation to the band. Don't get me wrong, this is a good record, but so was the major part of the albums recorded with Jones behind the mic as well.

This album perchance has a lack of many absolute peaks, while the lowest level is very high. All songs qualify to at least good and pass the test with elegance. The faster and the more brutal songs like The Call and Time Will Not Remain are much to my liking and also catchier tracks such as A Tribute To The Fallen. If you're a fan to this band, I'm sure you'll appreciate this release as well.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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