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Killswitch Engage - Incarnate

Published March 04 2016

=Staff's pick

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Hate By Design*
Cut Me Loose
Strength Of The Mind
Just Let Go
Embrace The Journey...Upraised
Quiet Distress
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It Falls On Me
The Great Deceit*
We Carry On

Genre Metalcore/Heavy Metal
Jesse Leach
Tracks 12
Adam Dutkiewicz
Running time 44 Min.
Joel Stroetzel
Label Roadrunner Records
Mike D'Antonio
Release March 11, 2016
Justin Foley
Country USA
Producer Adam Dutkiewicz
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I can't say that Killswitch Engage's new effort Incarnate, as a whole, contains any significant difference to the group's last album Disarm The Descent. What's mainly still being presented is metalcore with clear elements of heavy metal and as usual the vocals continuously alternate between a clean respectively an aggressive performance.

It's simply put a new record without any noteworthy moments of surprise, but I also believe that the fans in general don't want to have any major changes in the band's music for that matter. Greater innovation, transformation or suddenly coming out groundbreaking at this point could even do serious harm to this unit in the end, I think.

The music is naturally heavy for the most part, but sometimes, to sort of feed the album's diversity, the band throws in a little bit softer sections, although those sections never get to the point of being mellow or too light. The guitar playing is, unsurprisingly, put together by heavy riffs and quite a few harmony parts and the drum playing is, just as unsurprisingly, kind of hefty and somewhat crushing.

I think that Jesse Leach is able to take his vocal parts one step further up the stairs in comparison to the previous album. Maybe because he now feels more comfortable with his role in the band than what he did on the last record, which in fact was his first solid work together with the other guys in almost 11 years.

This band has the ability to, out of this intense music, put forward great moments musically, with attractive plays, striking vocal lines and a lot of captivating melodies, and with all these features put together you probably see the reason to why I think that Killswitch Engage is one of few bands out of this type of music that I find worth spending quite a lot time listening to.

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