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Fleshwrought - Dementia/Dyslexia

Published August 04 2010

=Staff's pick

Mental Illness
Inner Thoughts
Programming The Herds
Weeping Hallucinations*
Conceptual Flesh
State Of Desolation*
Dyslexic Interlude
Self-Destructive Loathing*
Relevant Intoxication
Final Nausea*

Genre Grind/Death Metal
Jonny Davy
Tracks 10
Navene Koperweis
Runningtime 32 Min.
Label Metal Blade
Navene Koperweis
Release 03 August 2010
Navene Koperweis
Country USA
Producer Navene Koperweis    
Similar artists The Red Chord

Bands consisting of only two members have always fascinated me, because either you are dealing with people with overconfidence in their playingabilities, or you are dealing with bands such as Fleshwrought that are leaving the entire neighborhood totally destroyed with their music.

Navene Koperweis is the man bending over backwards on this record - he is credited with playing all instruments, as well as being the main writer musically, and producing the record. Together with singer Jonny Davy (in Job For A Cowboy as well) he has created an album filled with music that leaves me thinking - boy these guys sure know how to write aggressive grind/death and twist it an extra notch that leaves quite the imprint on the ears, at least for me.

The base is furious grindcore with some nice death metal thrown into the mix. But to get it even more interesting you get some saxophone as well as some really weird use of synthesizers. Now before you start to scream in angst over this, let me just say that the use of these rarely heard instruments in death/grind is not in the forefront of the music.

The singing of Jonny Davy is very good - you get the patented deep end growling that you will recognize if you've heard Job For A Cowboy, but Davy is bending his vocal chords to the absolute max on this records - and to put it mildly he is doing it in a way that leaves me begging for more.

Dementia/Dyslexia is not for novices in extreme music - but for the rest of us maniacs out there this record's a pure joy, and I very much hope that the band decide to continue, because this leaves me thinking "Can I have some more please?".

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8 chalices of 10 - Martin

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