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Falconer - Black Moon Rising

Published June 18 2014

=Staff's pick

Locust Swarm
Halls And Chambers
Black Moon Rising*
Scoundrel And The Squire
In Ruins
At The Jesters Ball
There's A Crow On The Barrow*
Dawning Of A Sombre Age
Age Of Runes
The Priory

Genre Power Metal
Mathias Blad
Tracks 11
Stefan Weinerhall
Running time 50 Min.
Jimmy Hedlund
Label Metal Blade
Magnus Linhardt
Release 06 June 2014
Karsten Larsson
Country Sweden
Producer Andy La Rocque
Similar artists ---

Three years ago, Falconer released its latest effort, Armod, with lyrics entirely sung in the band's native language Swedish. Black Moon Rising has completely left that behind and we see a return to English lyrics. With main composer and bandleader, Stefan Weinerhall, back in the driver's seat after a year-long absence from guitar playing and musical creativity, the band faced a great challenge, but they have truly come back as winners and they feel positively motivated to bring forth something to make your money's worth.

The music has, in a positive sense, stepped back a few steps to greater moments. It's not like they've taken us on a journey back to the very first demo, but there are in fact strong similarities with this unit's earlier work. The songs are generally fast, high-powered and tremendously accurate with a slight touch of medieval elements, woven in as a variety to finalize the outcome. It's still in the same vein, yet with more rawness involved, compared to a few of the latest albums. The riffs are blatantly approached with force and confidence and are significantly meaner. The overall guitar play has a sharpened sound and feels direct without leaving the melodies hung out to dry.

Lead vocalist, Mathias Blad, is as always a towering element to complete the Falconer attribute. His unique capacity and his tone of voice must be few of a kind in the history of metal. The hard to deny fact that he actually is a real singer, with years and years of practice, and not some random guy whose skills and abilities simply weren't good enough to play an instrument, puts this band a little ahead of other bands in this specific vein of metal.

This performance of Falconer features a sound picture that's not too well polished and clean. It seems genuine and is way more massive overall than anything they've achieved in the past. It's a missile that repels all doubts about what this band is able to produce in this day and age and I really love this blasting effort. The power, the melodies and the vividness stand out as pillars and Black Moon Rising will definitely spin numerous times in my audio system in the future. Indeed one of 2014's most valued releases.

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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