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Falconer - Northwind

Published Oct. 22 2006

=Staff's pick

Waltz With The Dead
Spirit Of The Hawk
Legend And The Lore
Catch The Shadows
Tower Of The Queen
Long Gone By
Perjury And Sanctity*
Fairyland Fanfare*
Himmel Så Trind
Home Of The Knave*
Black Tarn (instrumental)

Genre Power/Folk Metal
Mathias Blad
Tracks 14
Stefan Weinerhall
Runningtime 54 Min.
Jimmy Hedlund
Label Metal Blade
Magnus Linhardt
Release 22 Sept. 2006
Karsten Larsson
Country Sweden
Stefan Weinerhall
Similar artists Mithotyn, Skyclad, Jethro Tull

Alone, aloof in a fairyland fanfare, Falconer forestall, nevermore. Flying high on the free wings of serenity, where the northwind elevates the spirit of the hawk and tames the child of the wild, the kings of the distant forest remained gathered 'round their oaken homesteads. Mastermind traveller Stefan Weinerhall has been dispelling his myth of tinder, grime, and grandeur, and weathering the emotional disguise; striving to create the perfect sound. Having often been blinded by illusion, Stefan and company again enter the glade and pledge for freedom, shedding no tears for estranged years, in the home of the knave.

On this, their fifth, filthy heresay in disguise, the dalliance of decadence, dignity, and delusion diffuses its waltz with the dead; conditioned to catch the shadows, rather than the ruined rainbows of facade. Stefan has dutifully acquiesced to his longtime fanbase, and broke with his destiny, by relinquishing Karl Kristoffer Gobel, and reinstating original vocalist Mathias Blad. The lasting result is Northwind - a paragon of power, perjury, and sanctity. The music and lyrical focus seem scripted from forlorn chapters unveiled from the jester of deception.

This CD embraces the legend and lore for which Falconer fans come to appreciate. Soon to be Falconer classics like Spirit Of The Hawk, Northwind, Perjury And Sanctity, and Fairyland Fanfare, echo the well fashioned Falconer repertoire. Historical themes are again explored on hits like Home Of The Knave calling to mind the unholy Crusades - possibly influenced by the recent Ridley Scott epic - Kingdom Of Heaven. Stefan panders persistant purgatory timeless banter with his repudiation of religious concepts on delicate dogmatics like Delusion. He underscores the folly that follows in the vain pursuit of material stature with Blinded and Catch The Shadows.

One of the most enchanted tracks is the Jethro Tull minstrel in the royal gallery alliteration narrative - Fairyland Fanfare. Here Mathias liturgically lulls over life's lingerings; deliberating over lasting legends. His vocal yodels suggest a poetic clarion call. Legend And The Lore is another mystical bucolic ditty denoting humanity's overt use of pagan nuances. This song begins with a slow textured arrangement, then becomes balanced by beautiful lyrics and melodies. Stefan is an accomplished musician, truly able to conjoin metal anthems with folk cadenzas. Mathias is a mettle troubadour with his crisp and concise vocal lure.

If you have grown tired of the lacklustre ambivalence of Falconer, fret no longer, for this return to the past still lives on. Stand in veneration for their perserverance, lest you be busted to the florid denigration and denial of a substitutional world controlled by critics and excoriates. I refuse to comprehend how true metal hearts wallow and whine willing to systematically censure the artistic wiles of Weinerhall. Are they overcome and foisted upon by grave guilt, or is it unjust jealousy?

Granted this new CD is nowhere as awesome as the debut; but it is 100% Falconer and by that merit alone I appreciate it immensely. Jonas Nyberg, formerly of Zonata also contributes his expertise by playing piano and harpsichord on certain tracks. There is even a limited edition double disc version available, which includes four bonus Swedish traditional songs for the collector in us all. Hail to these Swedes of lore...O' northwind embrace me under the sign of ravens.

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7,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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