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Testament - Seen Between The Lines - DVD

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Nobody's Fault - Video*
Practice What You Preach - Video*
Souls Of Black - Video*
The Legacy - Video*

Extra material:
- Biography
- Discography
- Dinner with Testament
- Testament In Tokyo

Genre Thrash Metal
Chuck Billy
Tracks 10
Alex Skolnick
Runningtime 72 Min.
Eric Peterson
Label Escapi Music
Greg Christian
Release 08 March 2004
Louie Clemente
Country USA
Similar artists ---

Legendary thrash band Testament freshens up an old video and delivers it on DVD. Seen Between The Lines was originally released in 1991 but then of course on VHS, but now also available on DVD with re-mastered sound. I don't think that I will have to introduce the band since they ought to be familiar to most of the metal fans.

Despite being restored it is an awful sound on the disc and the picture quality is what I guess you could call "of the times". It is an ok picture quality considering the standards almost fifteen years, ago but compared with today it really doesn't look that good. Seen Between The Lines consists of a mix of concert footage with small backstage clips and on-the-road sort of stuff. It was shot during their 1991 world tour and if it hadn't been for the lack of some descent sound quality it would have been most enjoyable, as it displays Testament as one helluva live band and it is great to watch them in action.

But it is the bonus features that I like the most with this DVD, videos of the tracks Nobody's Fault, Practice What You Preach, Souls Of Black and The Legacy. It is rare that you get to see videos with this kind of great music these days, and especially when they are a bit older like these ones are. It feels like a trip back in time to watch them again and they still hold very well for watching. Also new to for this re-release are the two short clips A Dinner With Testament and Testament In Japan as well as an updated biography, an image gallery and a discography that could have been more detailed if you ask me.

To promote this as a new release would be a little like a rip-off since the quality, despite being re-mastered, is not as good as it should be. Although it is a nice piece of history that deserves to be saved for the future, it could have been better, not least with the sound. So my last words is that this must be seen as something mostly for the die-hard fans because of the bad quality. If it had been better, this would have been awesome.

Testament today is: Eric Peterson (rhythm guitar), Chuck Billy (vocals), Steve DiGiorgio (bass), Jon Allen (drums), Steve Smyth (guitar).

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4 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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