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For this section we have asked some musicians to give a brief comment on each individual song on one of their latest albums. How it came to life, the story behind it and the lyrics, the emotions it stir when they listen to it now, and so forth. See it as a kind of equivalent to a "Director's Comment" on a dvd movie, if you like....

Gerre of Tankard » Vol(l)ume 14
Gerre of Tankard » Thirst
Stefan Weinerhall of Falconer » Among Beggars And Thieves
Ross The Boss of Ross The Boss » New Metal Leader
The members of Headhaunter » Fueled By Chaos
Ihsahn of Ihsahn » angL
Janne Stark of Overdrive » Let The Metal Do The Talking
Jarloc Darkstar of Lunarium » Journeys, Fables and Lore
Ian Bender of Zephaniah » Stories From The Book Of Metal
Zack Grimm of Kingscrossing » Kingscrossing
Mike of Made Of Hate » Bullet In Your Head
James Lars of President Evil » Hell In A Box
Pete Ahonen of Burning Point » Burned Down The Enemy
Colin Watson of Wretch » Reborn
Olaf Thörsen of Vision Divine » The Perfect Machine
David DeFeis of Virgin Steele » Visions Of Eden
Jeff Scott Soto of Talisman » 7
Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come » Ain't Crying For The Moon
Flow Velten of Machinemade God » The Infinity Complex
Tobias Sammet of Edguy » Rocket Ride
Joey Eppard of 3 » Wake Pig
Scott Wilson of Demiricous » One
Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund of Waterclime » The Astral Factor
Francesco Tonazzini of Shining Fury » Another Life
Tomas Olsson of Bloodbound » Nosferatu
Johan/Daniel of Mind's Eye » Walking On h2o
Aydan of Elvenking » The Winter Wake
Darko of Stimulans » No Words
Gav/Ron of Callenish Circle » [Pitch.Black.Effects]
Robin Staps of The Ocean » Aeolian
Jocke Lundgren of Hellfueled » Born II Rock
Jan Thore Grefstad of Highland Glory » Forever Endeavour
Mikael Holst of Timeless Miracle » Into The Enchanted Chamber
Stevie Janevski of Black Majesty » Silent Company
Holger Simon of Custard » Wheels Of Time
Nils Eriksson of Nocturnal Rites » Grand Illusion
Steve Williams of Power Quest » Magic Never Dies
Alex Mele of Kaledon » The Way Of The Light
Stéfane Funèbre of Powerwolf » Return In Bloodred
Axel Ritt of Domain » Last Days Of Utopia
Jan Bünning of Paragon » Revenge
Rob Rock of Rob Rock's Rage Of Creation » Holy Hell
John Berry of Jacobs Dream » Drama Of The Ages
Patrik Johansson of Astral Doors » Evil Is Forever
Stefan Weinerhall of Falconer » Grime vs. Grandeur
Elisa C. Martin of Dreamaker » Enclosed