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Leyendas Del Rock 2018, August 08-11

Report and photos by Krister


Leyendas is a mid-size festival that has been around for 13 years now. It doesn't get the really big bands to come here but that's not really what this festival is about. Instead of the huge crowds at the big festivals this festival has a nice atmosphere where you won't have a big problem finding your friends, coming close to one of the stages or simply walking between the stages.

The lineup is a good mix between new and old and the mix of genres contain everything in between classic rock to death and black metal. There's also some Spanish bands which makes sense since there aren't alot of people from outside of Spain on this festival.

Day 1, Wednesday

As I came to the festival at the first day I realized how few tents there were on the camping site and how many parkingspots that were available. I'm comparing this to last years festival and I believe that Amon Amarth playing on the warm up day was very appealing to the Spanish crowd.

However they didn't have a band like that on the warm up day this year and I only went to see Riot V and Sepultura which both put on good shows.

There was a queue when we exchanged our tickets for the festival armbands but after that everything went on smooth. A huge difference from last year.

Day 2-4, Thursday - Saturday

Thursday, the day when the big name on the bill is headlining, Nightwish. So I thought that this was the day when the big mass was supposed to come to the festival. This was indeed the peak considering the size of the crowd. Bands like W.A.S.P and Saxon also got pretty big crowds but those bands don't really get the crowd going like some of the "younger" bands might do. In the middle of the setlist by W.A.S.P there were so many slow tempo songs I almost fell asleep.

I saw a nice variety of bands and it's nice that you can walk straight from Mr. Big to the smaller stage and see a band like Belphegor which is probably the exact opposite

To the top


Overall a very nice festival and a good place to meet new and old friends. It concerns me a bit considering that the ticket sales were alot less than last year. I hope they can get some more appealing bands for next year so that the ticket sales doesn't drop further.

They also need to invest in sound and video equipment because every year I've been here there's always power failure or horrible sound at some point. Also the big video screen between the two big stages have a slight delay which is very annoying to watch.


  • The amount of people and the atmosphere.
  • The big parking lot and that the festival is easy to get access/leave.
  • Less people than last year made the experience better.


  • Some problems with sound and video equipment.
  • Less people means less profit for the festival.

~ Stages, sound and video: 6.5/10
~ Bands: 7.5/10
~ Food/drinks, atmosphere and logistics 8/10

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