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Gefle Metal Festival 2016

|Friday| - |Saturday|

Reviews by Mozzy/Tommy

Friday - July 15

Band: Obituary
Goat Stage 15.25 - 16.25

~ By Tommy
Obituary has through the years given me both one of my best musical experiences and one of the more dull ones. This gig placed itself somewhere in the middle of that. It was, far from surprising, stable and solid as a rock but offered no surprises. Just classic Obituary on one of their better days.

The sound was unusually good. My companion mentioned the drums especially, and I have to agree with that. They had a very round and rich sound which was a perfect foundation for the riffs to roll along on and every member had their distinct part in the sonic landscape.

Performance: 7 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 8 chalices of 10
: The groove
: The stage presence leaves a bit more to ask for.

Redneck Stomp
Centuries of Lies
Visions in My Head
Find the Arise
'Til Death
Don't Care
Chopped in Half
Turned Inside Out
Slowly We Rot

Band: Overkill
Fire Stage 20.55 - 22.05

~ By Mozzy
Overkill played an awesome, memorable gig at this very location at Getaway Rock Festival in 2010, so to have them back here at Gefle Metal is most welcome. The American thrash metal veterans are also one of the most reliable live acts around, something that is proven yet again this evening. Kicking off with Armorist from the latest album, the band delivers a strong set with some newer tracks plus a string of fan favourites. The audience response is loyal, fans letting loose to the band's recognisable and energizing thrash metal, containing very appealing splashes of punk rock.

Singer and frontman Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth is his charismatic self, displaying tons of confidence and attitude while having that great glint in his eye. This is a hardened road warrior and experienced entertainer, something which goes for the whole band for that matter. Although it may not have the same potency as last time they played here, this is an enjoyable Overkill show, rounded off in ass-kicking fashion with Ironbound, Elimination and Fuck You, the latter with endearing fingers in the air from band and crowd.

Performance: 7,5 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: Blitz' frontmanship
: ---

See also: interview with Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth the same day

Rotten To The Core
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello From The Gutter
Feel The Fire
Blood And Iron
Fuck You

Band: Anthrax
Goat Stage 22.10 - 23.40

~ By Mozzy
Before their appearance at Gefle Metal, I had seen Anthrax two times this summer, at Sweden Rock and at Graspop. On both occasions, the thrash icons impressed, and it's instantly clear it will be the same this time. The quintet take the stage with eagerness and simply go for it in the sharp opener You Gotta Believe, and keep up the energy well throughout the gig.

As usual, singer Joey Belladonna, guitarist Scott Ian and whirlwind bassist Frank Bello are entertaining to watch. Ian's partner on guitar, Jonathan Donais, works the stage well too, headbanging his locks while fitting in seamlessly musically. To be honest, Donais predecessor Rob Caggiano was not particularly energetic or fun to watch onstage in his hat, and Donais' entrance has surely injected more spark in the live engine.

The tracks from the latest two records sound excellent live, but as expected, they get far from the same response as the old classics such as Madhouse and Got The Time that get the blood pumping and singing going in the audience. Medusa is quite a surprise mid-set but an awesome one, after which a far bigger surprise comes.

March Of The S.O.D. by Ian's and drummer Charlie Benente's former side-project S.O.D. is played which is very cool and one cannot help wondering if it could imply plans again, although it is probably far-fetched. Breathing Lightning as first encore is a rather questionable move but then Indians and Among The Living seal the deal brilliantly with exhilaration returning among the large crowd.

Performance: 7 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: Among The Living
: Breathing Lightning as an encore

See also: interview with Joey Belladonna the same day

You Gotta Believe
Monster At The End
Caught In A Mosh
Got The Time
Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't
Evil Twin
March Of The S.O.D.
In The End
Breathing Lightning
Among the Living

Band: Behemoth
Fire Stage 23.40 - 00.50

~ By Tommy
(Due to health issues, Inferno was replaced by his drum tech for this show)

Behemoth's live shows have during the years grown slowly but surely and are by now visually nothing short of massive. I would go as far as saying that it is pure art. A ritual. A mass.

I have used the term "extremely well-oiled machinery" about this band before and I have to use it again. The band is seeminlgy in a good mood and take full use of the pyro and fire on the relatively small stage they have to work within.

Playing their latest great album The Satanist in its entirety works very well live, considering the dynamics. It is a great show, and the band does not show any sign of losing vitality and hunger along the passing years. Quite the contrary.

Performance: 8 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 8 chalices of 10
: The show as a whole
: ---

See also: interview with Orion the same day

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Furor Divinus
Messe Noire
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
The Satanist
Ben Sahar
In the Absence ov Light
O Father O Satan O Sun!
At the Left Hand ov God
Chant for Eschaton 2000

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Saturday - July 16

Band: Misery Loves Co.
Goat Stage 17.35 - 18.35

~ By Mozzy
Without a doubt, one of the most interesting bookings at the festival is the return of Swedish industrial metallers Misery Loves Co., who disbanded in 2000 after three albums and critical acclaim. Stepping onstage in Gävle for their first reunion gig, it is evident the urge is back and that they enjoy themselves.

The effort is committed, not least from vocalist Patrik Wiren who goes into his role wholeheartedly. The frontman roams the stage like a man possessed and his persona and gestures are one with the music, making him enticing to watch. He even manages to get his forehead bloody after an encounter with his microphone.

Them Nails is a massive opener, and massive is good way to describe the sound coming from the stage. Other old gems such as Prove Me Wrong and A Million Lies sound great, and the addition of bassist Jörgen Sandström (ex- Entombed among others) is terrific as he contributes solid low end and presence. Over the mighty heaviness of the music, Wiren delivers his plagued and desperate vocal style and the combination of it all creates the urgent and brooding Misery Loves Co sound.

A little bit of rustiness and nervousness can be felt but that is natural. If not great, this is a convincing comeback as well as a welcome one. Getting to see the band in more intimate conditions indoors at a later point would surely be brilliant.

Performance: 7 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share
: ---

Them Nails
Kiss Your Boots
Prove Me Wrong
No Exit
Sonic Attack
On Top Of The World
A Million Lies
Would You
Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share
My Mind Still Speaks
Damage Driven

Band: Vader
Fire Stage 18.35 - 19.35

~ By Tommy
When speaking about a well-oiled Polish machinery, one of my all-time favourite bands Vader definitely has to be mentioned. They are among the hardest touring bands in the genre, but was professional to convincingly give it all despite a somewhat scarse audience at yet another small festival in the middle of the summer touring cycle.

Even though this was the third time I saw them, it was really the first time I got some pleasure out of it. The first two times the sound was awful (because of circumstances Vader was not responsable for), so it was a pleasure for me to finally get a good look at a real concert.

Tight as hell with a good sound, they delivered exactly what I had expected, but did not excel at any point. The complete lack of backdrop and any other props was most likely due to a delayed flight and arrival, which caused them to also cancel the signing session earlier that day.

A solid, stable and enjoyable performance, but visually nothing out of the ordinary. Just pure Vader. That works for me.

Performance: 6,5 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: The midsection
: The somewhat boring visual framework

Go to Hell
Reborn in Flames
Come and See My Sacrifice
Decapitated Saints
Triumph of Death
Dark Age
Vicious Circle
Cold Demons
Silent Empire
Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)

Band: Candlemass
Goat Stage 19.40 - 20.50

~ By Mozzy
1986 marks the 30th anniversary of Candlemass' seminal debut album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, which is why the shows this year are billed as the 30th anniversary tour. That number is included on the big backdrop at Gefle Metal, the only gig in Sweden this year for the doom masters. Unfortunately, the band's songwriter Leif Edling is still not fit to perform live and in his place on bass is Per Wiberg, for a period a keyboard player in the band and also known as such in Spiritual Beggars and formerly in Opeth.

Playing the whole debut in its entirety is impossible with just over an hour's playing time, and Edling's absence makes it out of question, really. It has been said though that the gig would include some special things, and that will prove true. After a strong opening with Mirror Mirror, we get the first treat: The Dying Illusion, which is an unexpected inclusion. The great track from 1992's Chapter VI cannot have been in the setlist for ages and it sounds great as well.

As for Wiberg on bass, this is the first time I see him on that instrument and one can hear some difference compared to Edling. Nevertheless, the very musical Swede contributes to the Candlemass sound, together with the remaining members from the classic line-up - guitarists Mappe Björkman and Lars Johansson plus drummer Jan Lindh.

The last piece of the doom metal machine, Mats Levén, is now so natural as the band's vocalist and frontman, impressing as always. As The Well Of Souls starts, however, another voice can be heard singing the opening line before revealing himself onstage; it is none other than Papa Emeritus III! The crowd goes nuts and the Ghost singer does a very good rendition of the Candlemass staple.

Then Levén returns for superb versions of Crystal Ball and Solitude before the band receive warm greetings from the spectators. Though it is far too short, this is a splendid anniversary gig by the cherished Swedes, and the appearance of Papa Emeritus III was a spectacular surprise which makes it historic.

Performance: 8 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: The Well Of Souls with Papa, for the unique moment
: The set is too short

Mirror Mirror
The Dying Illusion
A Cry From The Crypt
Emperor Of The Void
Demons Gate
At The Gallows End
The Well Of Souls
Crystal Ball

Band: Dark Tranquillity
Fire Stage 20.55 - 22.05

~ By Mozzy
This spring, guitarist Martin Henriksson left Dark Tranquillity. Since guitarist Niklas Sundin is also absent from the show at Gefle Metal because of paternal obligations, two of the band's founding members are missing tonight, with two younger substitutes in Eric Jacobsson and Jens Florén.

No matter the personnel, the music delivered is very pleasurable, with fan favourites as Monochromatic Stains, The Wonders At Your Feet appearing early in the set. Band and audience unite in a joyous affair led by the passionate, dynamic and smiling frontman Mikael Stanne.

The sound is not perfect, however, suffering a bit in the wind. As for Jacobsson and Florén, they definitely do a good job and are comfortable onstage. At the same time, there are surely small nuisances and usual interplay in the sound that go missing when Henriksson and Sundin are not there, and it feels slightly odd seeing two 'new' (Jacobsson has filled in before) faces onstage, something which affects the identity of the band.

All in all, though, Dark Tranquillty deliver a show filled with wonderful music as always and get a loving response at Gefle Metal although time for the constellation to gel further will see the band at their very best again.

Performance: 7 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 6 chalices of 10
: The Mundane And The Magic
: The stage sound

The Science Of Noise
White Noise/Black Silence
Monochromatic Stains
The Wonders At Your Feet
The Lesser Faith
The Silence in Between
Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
The Mundane And The Magic
State Of Trust
Final Resistance
The Treason Wall
Endtime Hearts
Misery's Crown

Band: Kreator
Goat Stage 22.10 - 23.40

~ By Tommy
It is amazing that you after so many years in the business can give such a vital, energetic and impressive performance at a relatively small day-at-the-work gig, and especially that you seemingly still are so genuinely passionate and angry.

I have seen them a few times before over the past decade, but this night Kreator performed an amazing gig. From the first minute to the last it was just pure energy and not one dead second. I can not put my finger on the exact reason for it, but it was one of the better gigs I have seen in recent years.

Visually, Kreator are still not something to write home to mom about, but they make up for that with the pure and raw energy. The (modest) moshpit began during the second song and did not for one second stop until the last guitar tone rang out, eighty sweaty minutes later.

Performance: 9 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 8,5 chalices of 10
: The show, the mood, the ambience.
: ---

Choir of the Damned
Enemy of God
Terrible Certainty
Awakening of the Gods
Endless Pain
Mars Mantra
Phantom Antichrist
From Flood into Fire
Extreme Aggression
Suicide Terrorist
Black Sunrise
Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
Civilization Collapse
The Patriarch
Violent Revolution
Pleasure to Kill
Flag of Hate

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