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Adrenaline Mob - We The People

Published June 11 2017

=Staff's pick

King Of The Ring
We The People*
The Killer's Inside*
Bleeding Hands
Chasing Dragons*
Til The Head Explodes
What You're Made Of*
Raise 'Em Up
Ignorance & Greed
Blind Leading The Blind
Violent State Of Mind
Lords Of Thunder
Rebel Yell

Genre Heavy Metal
Russell Allen
Tracks 13
Mike Orlando
Running time 63 Min.
Label Century Media
David Zablidowsky
Release June 2, 2017
Jordan Cannata
Country USA
Producer Mike Orlando/Russell Allen
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After some lineup changes and drummer AJ Pero (Also with Twisted Sister) tragically dying in March 2015 we see the group around guitarist Mike Orlando and vocalist Russell Allen return with its third album.

Orlando's riffing is mostly heavy and Allen has definitely made an attempt to come out with his toughest vocal style and I surely like the powerful sound that they have put on this record because without a doubt it is able to create the right kind of atmosphere for this type of music. Add the strong choruses to the whole thing, either they are coming out in a melodic way, or are more heavy hitting or even entice their audience to sing along to the lyrics, and you get a good record overall.

Unsurprisingly the band has put a few ballads, or at least some lighter songs, on the record and I think that they work out all right since it adds a variation in the music and maybe without these types of songs this record would have just been too one-dimensional. It definitely takes a real singer to make songs like this mean something in the end and luckily Adrenaline Mob has such a man in the ranks and therefore I will give some credit to those songs even though they indeed are a necessarily evil.

The song material on the heavier side is what makes this effort to something really worth listening to nevertheless and by putting a slightly modern touch to their metal they don't just repeat what's been done a million times before. Okay, it's not like they're inventing a new style or anything, but generally it feels fresh to me and I must point out that I like that they give the bass some room in the mix too, which is in my opinion something that can make a record complete in a sense.

I have enjoyed Adrenaline Mob's music since they first started this side band a couple of years ago and still do to this day because they simply have some stuff that attracts me, like a great singer, nice groovy melodies and I guess just guitar playing that I find appealing. We The People does not revolutionize the band's musical aspects, but as long as they're able to come out with good songs I'm not the one to complain.

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