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Skid Row - United World Rebellion: Chapter One

Published April 23 2013

=Staff's pick

Kings Of Demolition*
Let's Go*
This Is Killing Me
Get Up

Genre Heavy Metal
Johnny Solinger
Tracks 5
Dave "Snake" Sabo
Running time 21 Min.
Scotti Hill
Label MRI/Megaforce
Rachel Bolan
Release 16 April 2013
Rob Hammersmith
Country USA
Producer Rachel Bolan/Dave Sabo
Similar artists ---

European street date: May 24th via UDR Music.

First of all, please let's just all forget about Sebastian Bach for a while and concentrate on this EP, which is the first in a series of releases coming within eighteen months and which also marks the first release in a seven year span. Since their second effort, Slave To The Grind, is probably my all time favorite heavy metal record, I always look forward to new Skid Row songs.

The opener, Kings Of Demolition, is smoking hot and I totally love this stunning piece. Initially I just thought this was one decent song in the many oceans of metal music, but within a few spins, I totally changed my mind and now I can't stop listen to it. Skid Row following their older groove and their own Thickskin standards, and oh so good. Track number two, Let's Go is faster and more punkish, staying in the heavy metal category though. I dig this song as well, but further on this EP doesn't hit it big time.

This Is Killing Me is a fairly good ballad, yet too greasy and it feels like its only purpose is to be on this album for the sake of it. Get Up is heavier and slightly Subhuman Race-like with a good riff in the verse. Unfortunately the dead chorus don't match up to this and the one minute outro is too damn long. The closing track, Stitches, is also heavier, but I don't like this song's rhythm at all and it's simply not good.

Snake's and Bolan's songwriting skills and Hill's guitarplay have made wonders before, but don't reach all the way this time. Solinger's vocals efforts would do good in just about every band and he's doing a good job here as well. In the end, it's older Skid Row mixed with newer grooves and fitted towards their vocalist. 6 chalices to a good EP with highs and lows.

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6 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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