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Accept - The Rise Of Chaos

Published July 26 2017

=Staff's pick

Die By The Sword
Hole In The Head
The Rise Of Chaos
No Regrets*
Analog Man
What's Done Is Done
Worlds Colliding
Carry The Weight*
Race To Extinction

Genre Heavy Metal
Mark Tornillo
Tracks 10
Wolf Hoffmann
Running time 46 Min.
Uwe Lulis
Guitar (live)
Label Nuclear Blast
Peter Baltes
Release August 4, 2017
Christopher Williams
Country Germany/USA
Producer Andy Sneap
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When heavy metal legends Accept are coming out with their own type of music it never gets bad at all. Yet, maybe the band has somewhat come to a halt at this point, with 4 records in a row now that more or less follow the same direction. I have probably played this one over 30 times and still there's hardly anything that comes out killer and there are in fact just a pair of songs on the whole record that really have the power to make a serious impact and engulf me.

Would I go as far as to say that The Rise Of Chaos is actually a little bit of a disappointment? After careful consideration I do believe that I have to answer "Yes" to that question, even if it is an okay album for sure. The fans, myself included, have definitely been spoiled over the years with such great material that you basically expect nothing less than a really good end result each and every time this unit is about to release a new album.

I can't help but wonder though in what way I would perceive this music if I had never heard anything coming from this band prior to this release. Would the situation be any different? Would it make a far greater impression on me and would I consider this one something huge instead of just something decent? Of course it's impossible to find the answers to those questions and most heavy metal fans around the world have certainly listened at least to some extent to Accept before and will therefore, just like me, in one way or another compare a new effort to stuff that's already been made.

The guys are on this record unable to bring forth powerful choruses, mighty verses and the super neat melodies that usually are their cornerstones to success. Wolf Hoffmann's overall fine guitar playing is there, with riffs and solos and everything, and the hoarse vocals are surely present too and it's indeed an Accept album in every moment and detail, but when you glue all of those familiar components together, it also proves to be what makes the record stumble a little bit this time.

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